Why Is It Bothering Me?

Last night I was having a hard time, I wanted to play some games with some friends but non were available at the time. I just wanted to escape for a while and get in a few laughs, hoping it would make me feel better. I know the dangers of playing alone online (Online Chaos), … Continue reading Why Is It Bothering Me?

Online Chaos

It is no secret that trolls are everywhere online, but I feel it is now being accepted and more people are embracing this role as time goes on. It has grown from being the attitude of a sarcastic little punk to people literally wanting to see the world burn. Like the Joker, there is no … Continue reading Online Chaos

Competitive Is Killing Me

Over the last few weeks I have been in a serious downward spiral in the world of online gaming. The games I use to love have been making me want to whip my controller across the room and it has been getting worse daily. Of course competition sometimes gets the best of us but usually … Continue reading Competitive Is Killing Me

Good VS Evil: Online Gaming

So this is something I have talked about here and there throughout my time covering games and today it just something I need to get off my chest, so bare with me here. Online gaming is probably the greatest thing to ever happen to the industry and through all the good that has come of … Continue reading Good VS Evil: Online Gaming

My Idea For A New Rank System

I LOVE Rocket League, don't get me wrong and of ALL the things they have done RIGHT, I feel the Rank System falls short. When Season 2 introduced the current Rank System everyone was really happy because it was supposed to be all about YOUR performance and very little about W/L, but that is not … Continue reading My Idea For A New Rank System

MLD Season 2 Details

Okay so SeasonĀ 1 is now over and the we have a Champion! It was a very long season and it had its fun moments... That being said, there needs to be some changes going forward to keep the MLD going strong. We are making our rules more strict, more fair, and more clear so that … Continue reading MLD Season 2 Details

New Rocket League Quick Chats!!!

It was only a few days ago when I was playing Rocket League with a friend where I said "I wish Rocket League would change some of their quick chats so I could tell someone "Good Clear!" instead of "Nice Shot!" because some might take it as me being a dick". I was actually getting … Continue reading New Rocket League Quick Chats!!!