Competitive Is Killing Me

Over the last few weeks I have been in a serious downward spiral in the world of online gaming. The games I use to love have been making me want to whip my controller across the room and it has been getting worse daily. Of course competition sometimes gets the best of us but usually I will go into a small slump and then pop back out for a period of time where I am on top of my game. However like I stated before that is not how the last few weeks have been. In every single competitive game I play, Rocket League, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, I can not for the life of me gain any ground. I feel like I have been forever hexed and a part of me wants to just say forget it and give up these types of games completely.

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Communication Is Key

Holy crap ladies and gentleman I can not believe what happened yesterday to my teammate and I while playing Overwatch.  If you remember, I posted an article about Overwatch asking the question “Is It Worth The Pain?” which went into detail about all the issues that are making me want to step away from Overwatch because people are ruining the game and in turn wasting my time (click on the link if you want to read more about it). So yesterday my teammate sends me a message that said “Want to have another shot at Overwatch?”, so I accepted the challenge and we had a rough start….

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Overwatch: Is It Worth The Pain?

Like a shotgun to the face, Overwatch has been painful to keep playing for me. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Overwatch BUT there are only so many times you can touch a hot stove before you learn not to touch it again. Simply put, the people playing Overwatch are ruining the game for so many including myself.

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Overwatch Rant!

Let me just jump right out and tell you this is NOT a rant about the game itself, I LOVE the game, it is awesome! Now let me get into what this rant is really about. So over the last few days, my friends and I have been playing a lot of Overwatch (naturally) and what I have noticed is that more and more players are starting to worry more about their own K/D then they are about the objective. For those of you who don’t know, Overwatch is a OBJECTIVE TEAM GAME. There is no room for K/D obsessed players because you will literally cause your team to lose.

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Overwatch: Our Experience

After the dust has settled and the gaming world knows much more about Blizzard’s new offering; Overwatch, it is time naturally to delve into our deepest, darkest thoughts and offer some opinions based on our experiences. But we are not going at it alone as TheGamingBear and HalfShelledHero have decided to team up and bring you lucky readers a discussion based write up on our impressions over the recent beta.

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Cant Wait To Play: Overwatch


What a beautiful teaser huh?! Okay, so I was going to wait until I played the Beta in early May to write a “My Experience: Overwatch Beta” article (which I will still do) but my anticipation can not be held any longer! I must talk about the game and WHY I cant wait to play it! I know there are a few of you out there who have been wondering “what is this game all about?” and “I would like to know more about this game”, so I am here to try and answer you questions the best I can by the power of awesome YouTube videos, and my own personal excitement for the game! So lets get started!

First off, Blizzard Entertainment is the developers behind this wonderful game and for those of you who don’t know, they also are the ones behind World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Hearthstone, and my personal favorites Heroes of the Storm and Diablo! So when Blizzard announced Overwatch, you could say I was already excited for the project! But it wasn’t until I got to see some gameplay from gamers like Day9Tv (< Click here for his Overwatch Gameplay videos) and many others where I really started to become infatuated with the game.

I am not a HUGE first person shooter type gamer, I have played Call of Duty and Medal of Honor and all those games but it was mainly because of friends and I wasn’t engulfed in any of those games. I think I have a thing against real to life games because it doesn’t really have any imagination behind it (if you know what I mean). Playing FIFA may be fun for a while but at the end of the day, its playing real life soccer on your gaming system. However playing a game like Rocket League sends me OVER the moon and back because it is so imaginative! So this is where my first great impression of Overwatch comes in. The game isn’t a real to life, military, shoot em up, FPS. It is very colorful, flashy, cartoony, while still being awesome and gorgeous to look at. Take a look at the 1st cinematic trailer and also a piece of gameplay footage to see what I mean:

So as you have seen in these 2 videos, it isn’t just a bunch of look a like military characters running around trying to kill one another. Overwatch has MANY different unique characters that have very unique abilities! For instance Tracer here can go forwards or backward a small period of time and that is pretty awesome! In the Cinematic Trailer you saw the Reaper (smoke and mask guy) start a rapid fire assault shooting in every direction, and when Reaper broke Winston’s (the gorilla) glasses, Winston went into a furious rage! There are a LOT more characters and each one has a cool ability and you can check them out HERE!

When I watch those 2 videos the thing that it screams to me is FUN! The Cinematic Trailer was freaking awesome and it gave us a little sneak peak into the story surrounding the game! In my opinion, Blizzard is ALWAYS perfect with their story telling for their games, so I am not surprised that Overwatch is enticing! But lets keep up with the story and watch the next animated short titled “Recall” followed by another awesome gameplay video!

I don’t know about you but “Recall” was amazing! We took another step into the world of Overwatch and it was awesome! In the Reaper gameplay, did you see him poof into a cloud of black smoke and basically teleport to higher ground?!! Just looking at the thumbnails for the videos I have shared with you so far, the characters of this game are so well designed and the maps look fantastic! But before I geek out even further lets watch the latest animated short titled “Alive” again followed by a gameplay video! I know you are excited!

For all you Sniper lovers out there, Widowmaker may be the character for you! The gameplay alone makes me want this game in my hands as is, but these animated shorts are unbelievable! I would love to watch a complete series or even a movie the way they produce these shorts! Even with all that I have shown you here, there is still TONS of gameplay and characters to check out for yourself via the Overwatch YouTube channel but before I send off let me leave you with this final video by “Unit Lost – Great British Gaming” where he shows off Hero Gallery, Loot Boxes, and some of the Skins and other awesome content you can unlock for each character! If I haven’t convinced you by now that Overwatch is a game you NEED to pick up, then maybe it isn’t for you, but for those of you that just had there mind exploded by the epicness that is Overwatch…. You’re Welcome!