For Honor: Dear Players

As I have stated in a couple of my previous articles, I have fallen back in love with For Honor. I have been playing it faithfully over the last two weeks and every problem I had with it before seems to be all fixed, which is fantastic! However there are a few issues that Ubisoft … Continue reading For Honor: Dear Players

For Honor: Season 3 Update

Today marks the beginning of Season 3 in For Honor! With this update we will be getting a couple new maps and most importantly, 2 new heroes in the Highlander (Vikings) and the Gladiator (Knights). I was watching For Honor long before it was ever released. I played the Alpha and the Beta and bought … Continue reading For Honor: Season 3 Update

For Honor: My Experience

Back in January before this game was released I wrote an article about For Honor, talking about whether or not it would be worth it to buy and ultimately I did end up purchasing the game. I love Medieval settings, knights, armor, sword fights etc, its all really fascinating to me. Add on a really … Continue reading For Honor: My Experience

Out This Fall!

This is awesome! My first article about one of my favorite things, Funko Pops! I have been collecting "PoP!'s" for the last 3-4 years, not heavily collecting, but when I go out and I see a few I really like I pick them up. Right now I have almost 80 of them on my wall … Continue reading Out This Fall!

Madden 18 Worth The Purchase?

I have been playing Madden for a very long time, the very first Madden I played was Madden 92! I have played every single Madden every year, ever since and while I was on the Madden Fan Club for the first 15 years of my Madden "career", no a days I do wonder if picking … Continue reading Madden 18 Worth The Purchase?

D3 Necro: Thrill Or Frill

For anyone who has ever kept up with HalfShelledHeroGaming over the years, you will know that my favorite games of all time is the Diablo Franchise (2 & 3). One of my favorite articles I have ever written was about Diablo, you can check that out here. To give those who don't know a brief … Continue reading D3 Necro: Thrill Or Frill

My Football Life

My football life started from the moment I could walk. My father was a huge football fan and I grew up to love the game as well. He used to have me watch College Football with him as his favorite team, the Michigan Wolverines, would face off in the biggest game of the year against … Continue reading My Football Life