World War Toons: My Experience

Welcome back for another entry of “My Experience” where I talk about my experience being hands on with some great, or not so great games. Today we will be talking about My Experience with World War Toons! It is a FREE game right now on the PlayStation Network and I thought I would give it a go.

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Disc Jam: My Experience

It was brought to my attention yesterday that a new game was sweeping the masses, it was “the new Rocket League” and this game is called Disc Jam! “Okay” I thought to myself as I was sent a alpha test code and downloaded the game. The NEW Rocket League I thought, wow okay, I remember the first time I played Rocket League and I was blown away. I was hooked from that very first game and now I run an eSports Organization for Rocket League. If this is what I am about to experience I am super excited to play this game. Disc Jam is installed, I click Play…. 25 minutes later I uninstalled Disc Jam.

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Injustice 2 Trailer & Gameplay: My Thoughts

I am going to be getting to the Trailer and some Gameplay of Injustice 2 that was showcased at E3, But as always, if you haven’t seen the trailer take a few moments to check it out here, before I get into it:

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