Communication Is Key

Holy crap ladies and gentleman I can not believe what happened yesterday to my teammate and I while playing Overwatch.¬† If you remember, I posted an article about Overwatch asking the question "Is It Worth The Pain?" which went into detail about all the issues that are making me want to step away from Overwatch … Continue reading Communication Is Key

Overwatch: Is It Worth The Pain?

Like a shotgun to the face, Overwatch has been painful to keep playing for me. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Overwatch BUT there are only so many times you can touch a hot stove before you learn not to touch it again. Simply put, the people playing Overwatch are ruining the game for so … Continue reading Overwatch: Is It Worth The Pain?

Communication Is Key!

Hello everyone, today I will be talking about communication and how it should work, how it isn't used, and why it is important¬†in Rocket League. To communicate in RL you can use the D-Pad controls to input phrases like "Nice Shot!, Great Pass!, I Got It!, Defending!" and so on. These phrases are used to … Continue reading Communication Is Key!