For Honor: To Buy Or Not To Buy

I have been following a game called "For Honor" for a very long time now, I'd say about almost 2 years. I wrote an article on it back in August of 2016 explaining how the game works, what it is all about and why I am so excited to get my hands on the game … Continue reading For Honor: To Buy Or Not To Buy

My Experience: The Division Beta

So I was fortunate enough to receive access to The Division Beta over the weekend BUT I got it early Sunday morning and after taking about 3-4 hours to download and install I had the chance to play it for a quarter of the day. But in that time I got a good look at what this game would … Continue reading My Experience: The Division Beta

My Experience: UFC 2 Beta

So I was lucky enough to get the chance to try out the Beta for UFC 2 from EA Sports. A lot of people complain about EA but they have really taken UFC gaming to a good place. I have dabbled in UFC games for a long time, from the few I picked up from THQ  and … Continue reading My Experience: UFC 2 Beta