My Idea For A New Rank System

I LOVE Rocket League, don’t get me wrong and of ALL the things they have done RIGHT, I feel the Rank System falls short. When Season 2 introduced the current Rank System everyone was really happy because it was supposed to be all about YOUR performance and very little about W/L, but that is not the case at all.

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MLD Season 2 Details

Okay so Season 1 is now over and the we have a Champion! It was a very long season and it had its fun moments… That being said, there needs to be some changes going forward to keep the MLD going strong. We are making our rules more strict, more fair, and more clear so that is isn’t a question if someone breaks the rules, if you break them you are out, simple as that. We have also reformatted our entire league system because of certain problems. The first being, the season just seemed to go on forever and it really started to drag. The second and probably the biggest problem we had all season is players and teams switching game times at the last minute or canceling on short notice. In the new system, this wont be a problem for the league. Let me explain to you all how the MLD will operate going forwards.

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New Rocket League Quick Chats!!!

It was only a few days ago when I was playing Rocket League with a friend where I said “I wish Rocket League would change some of their quick chats so I could tell someone “Good Clear!” instead of “Nice Shot!” because some might take it as me being a dick”. I was actually getting ready to do a article on why they should change it up and then lo and behold my friend sends me a link a day later and it is Rocket League explaining all the NEW quick chat options they will have!! My first thought was “What the hell? Are they tapping my mic?!” and my next thought was “Awesome! Finally!”.

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MLDSSC Preview!

What a Conference Finals Weekend it was! (Well Thursday & Friday at least). 2 HUGE series were played and 2 teams were crowned Conference Champions! Lets first review the OCCS between the #2 Dodgers and the #3 Elite on Thursday night at 8PM! Rivals all season long, 5-5  against one another all season long and now in a Best of 7 series for the Conference and a chance to compete for the MLDSSC!

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MLD Spring 16′ Playoff Preview

The Playoffs are here! 2 Best of 7 series to determine who plays who for the MLD Championship! Before we get into the big details of the BCCS and OCCS, lets go back and recap on the final week of the season!

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MLD Week 9 Breakdown!

Holy Cow! This is the LAST Week of the MLD Regular Season! Can you believe it? I can’t, it seems like only yesterday that this league was only a thought and a hope in my mind but now we are about to head into the Playoffs after a great season! Before we talk about what WK9 has in store for us, lets recap WK8!

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