For Honor: Dear Players

As I have stated in a couple of my previous articles, I have fallen back in love with For Honor. I have been playing it faithfully over the last two weeks and every problem I had with it before seems to be all fixed, which is fantastic! However there are a few issues that Ubisoft … Continue reading For Honor: Dear Players

For Honor: Season 3 Update

Today marks the beginning of Season 3 in For Honor! With this update we will be getting a couple new maps and most importantly, 2 new heroes in the Highlander (Vikings) and the Gladiator (Knights). I was watching For Honor long before it was ever released. I played the Alpha and the Beta and bought … Continue reading For Honor: Season 3 Update

Madden 18 Worth The Purchase?

I have been playing Madden for a very long time, the very first Madden I played was Madden 92! I have played every single Madden every year, ever since and while I was on the Madden Fan Club for the first 15 years of my Madden "career", no a days I do wonder if picking … Continue reading Madden 18 Worth The Purchase?

D3 Necro: Thrill Or Frill

For anyone who has ever kept up with HalfShelledHeroGaming over the years, you will know that my favorite games of all time is the Diablo Franchise (2 & 3). One of my favorite articles I have ever written was about Diablo, you can check that out here. To give those who don't know a brief … Continue reading D3 Necro: Thrill Or Frill

My Next Buy: Everybody’s Golf

As of late I have been fighting the fact that I no longer genuinely enjoy truly online competitive games (see "Online Chaos"). From Overwatch/Paladins to Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm and so on. While I do really enjoy the game itself, the struggles and frustrations that come with the online gaming aspect has completely … Continue reading My Next Buy: Everybody’s Golf

Online Chaos

It is no secret that trolls are everywhere online, but I feel it is now being accepted and more people are embracing this role as time goes on. It has grown from being the attitude of a sarcastic little punk to people literally wanting to see the world burn. Like the Joker, there is no … Continue reading Online Chaos

For Honor: To Buy Or Not To Buy

I have been following a game called "For Honor" for a very long time now, I'd say about almost 2 years. I wrote an article on it back in August of 2016 explaining how the game works, what it is all about and why I am so excited to get my hands on the game … Continue reading For Honor: To Buy Or Not To Buy