Why Is It Bothering Me?

Last night I was having a hard time, I wanted to play some games with some friends but non were available at the time. I just wanted to escape for a while and get in a few laughs, hoping it would make me feel better. I know the dangers of playing alone online (Online Chaos), … Continue reading Why Is It Bothering Me?

My Football Life

My football life started from the moment I could walk. My father was a huge football fan and I grew up to love the game as well. He used to have me watch College Football with him as his favorite team, the Michigan Wolverines, would face off in the biggest game of the year against … Continue reading My Football Life

One Last Try

Back at the beginning of January I made an article named "I Am Back For 2017" as I had stepped away to run my Organization "Minor League Doubles". I said " I miss talking about the games I have played and the new ones yet to come, I simply miss all that I have done … Continue reading One Last Try

Competitive Is Killing Me

Over the last few weeks I have been in a serious downward spiral in the world of online gaming. The games I use to love have been making me want to whip my controller across the room and it has been getting worse daily. Of course competition sometimes gets the best of us but usually … Continue reading Competitive Is Killing Me


Yes! It is true! HalfShelledHeroGaming.Wordpress.Com is now HalfShelledHeroGaming.Com! I am finally rid of the subsite and HSHG stands alone! This is a great moment for me as it comes during a time of great pride. Last night if you didn't catch the Epic Aerial Podcast (which if you didn't, you should start doing!), they revealed … Continue reading HalfShelledHeroGaming.Com!