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Stylosa is his name and he is probably my Favorite YouTuber to watch right now. I love Overwatch and Sty constantly puts up great videos on Overwatch, from discussion videos where he talks about all the lastest news and updates around the game, to his Over Analyzed videos where he coaches players on their games from the videos fans send him. This guy is great and is very smart about this game and everything involved with being a better gamer.

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Love Pokemon? Love to collect them? Love to battle them? Well Pokemon TCGO is the game for you and it is 100% FREE! The graphics and game play available to you in this game is simply amazing. Out of all the Pokemon Games out there today, this by far is the greatest!

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Love Diablo? I do and Rhykker is my go to guy for all news regarding my Love of Diablo! His videos on “how to”, “tips” and simply just news about my favorite game of all time. He keeps me informed and up to date on everything and also helps keep that fire burning in my soul for Diablo even when I am not playing it at the moment.


Love Movies? Love Games? Love Comedy? Adam and his show Feud Nation is a funny, informative show that entertains and sparks debate. One of the most underrated YouTuber’s out there. Sure I don’t always agree with his opinions BUT I don’t have to. There is nothing wrong with debate and I respect his point of view and watch and laugh as he entertains me through multiple topics!