Everybody’s Golf: My Experience

At the start of last month I talked about being fed up with online harassment and toxicity and due to that I would be moving my gaming habits in the direction of easy going games that I can truly relax and have fun playing (you know, the way games were meant to be played in the first place).

That first step came with the purchase of “Everybody’s Golf”. While I have liked these types of games in the past, they would never be prioritized over games like Madden, NHL, or Destiny. That all changed as I completely dismissed all those games for a cartoony golfing game.


I’ve been playing Everybody’s Golf for 2 weeks now and I don’t regret the purchase at all. It is doing what I set out to find and that is to just sit back, relax and have fun playing a game. The mechanics are really easy to understand but there is some difficulty in mastering them. The customization options are full and plenty and the courses are simply beautiful.

I am going on to Rank 4 in offline mode and somewhere around Level 15 overall. The offline mode has been super fun as I enter Official and Unofficial tournaments to get coins and other cool prizes, unlocking certain aspects of the game as you go along and new courses to play on.

Online mode is a little different than I thought. It is fun to play with others as my friends and I have hit the online courses together quite a few times. However it does not group you together while doing the online courses, it just has you play the course at the same time but separately. I can’t even see how they are doing at any given time, I have to ask. The only way we can truly play “together” is by creating a custom room for us to all play in. This allows us to go one by one, jeering and cheering each other and having a good time. We get to see how each other are doing and compete for the best score. The downside is, unlike the Online Course where we get coins, XP and prizes, our Golfers don’t gain any of these by playing in a “Custom Room” so there is no real incentive to play this way unless we get tired of playing “alone” on the Online Course.

It is advertised that there are a bunch of mini-games that we can all play in the online courses but I haven’t seen that as of yet. It may be when we all get to a higher level but at this point, there hasn’t been anything we can do together on the side.


Despite these few small issues, my friends and I have had a great time playing together. We try and compete for the best score but it isn’t serious at all, it’s just pure fun. It’s always great trying to plot your way around the course and trying to line up the perfect shot every time you tee off. Hitting the accuracy meter perfectly is super satisfying as it gives a little screen animation and chimes followed by a big “NICE SHOT”, it just makes you feel good about doing it right. Getting a Birdie or better will result in plenty of animations that help you celebrate a job well done.

Every time you win an offline tournament you unlock new clothes/item and new AI people that join your offline world, you can go to them and purchase the clothes they wear and some even have tips and tricks that you can use to your advantage. You even have the “Store” you can go to and purchase more clothes and items to customize your golfer (though at this point so far there hasn’t been a huge amount of items for you to purchase. I assume in time it will have a better variety).


Overall I have really enjoyed playing Everybody’s Golf and especially with friends. I dont see myself getting bored of this game anytime soon and I am really looking to this weekend where my friends and I will be hitting the course once again for some golfing fun!


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