Spider-Man Homecoming: My Experience

I finally got to head out to the theaters for the first time in a while and was either going to see The Hitman’s Bodyguard or Spider-Man Homecoming. From the title of this article, you can tell what I chose to see lol. I have seen every Spider-Man movie and really have been a fan of all of them… with exception to Spider-Man 3 (they didn’t do Venom justice and I will never get over that). Going into Homecoming I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I never read or watch any spoiler content even if I don’t see the film in theaters because I want to be able to experience for myself whenever I get the chance to watch it (I never get why people have to be the first to talk about things. At this point, there are so many people who try to be the first it is almost irrelevant because people are going to go read/watch their favorite content creator anyways but that’s off topic).  All I knew is that I was going to give this new movie it’s fair chance and really try to enjoy it for what it is.


It has been a few days since I watched the film and I have concluded that this very well may be the best Spider-Man movie to date. I really enjoyed the younger high school version of Spider-Man and I thought the actor that played him (Tom Holland) did a fantastic job as Spider-Man and Peter Parker. I thought the suit was awesome and I didn’t mind the fact that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr) was part of the movie, it actually made me enjoy it even more.

Another strong point in this movie was the fact that we didn’t have to go through the origin of Uncle Ben being killed off for the 3rd time in theaters. We all know the story and while I am sure this movie would have done it justice, I don’t think we really needed to go over it again to understand and I am glad they chose not to do that.


The supporting cast was a breath of fresh air as I didn’t expect most of the characters that we saw and they really worked well. The Vulture while more on the mechanical side of things (similar to the Green Goblin from the 1st Spider-Man movie and Rhino from AS2, which are not my favorite renditions of super villains) he was pretty cool overall. Michael Keaton has always done a fantastic job in any movie I have ever seen him in (Batman, Batman Returns, Other Guys, and Beetlejuice just to name a few).

The story made sense and there was a small twist that I never saw coming. It was an “oh snap” moment that I really did enjoy and helped add more excitement, thrill, and tension into the rest of the movie. After I left the movies I was very satisfied with the overall product and a couple days out I am still as satisfied and that is why we go in the first place.


I am not saying the Homecoming blows the other franchises out of the water but I really do think it was a better movie than the previous. I know most people are high on the first series with Tobey Maguire but I didn’t LOVE him as Spider-Man and I really disliked Kirsten Dunst in all of those films, she just never struck me as Mary Jane and it just sort of brings down the whole movie series for me. But again, that’s just me.

I will be buying Homecoming when it comes to DVD for sure and I am really excited for the rest of the movies in this series. I am hoping they portray some villains in their more classic looks in the future but I don’t really see it happening. Overall, Spider-Man Homecoming, Best Spider-Man Movie To Date!


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