For Honor: Double XP Experience

For Honor held their first ever Double XP weekend and I was looking forward to it a bunch. It was my birthday weekend and all I really wanted to do was play For Honor all weekend long and I pretty much did just that. In my previous piece, I said that I wanted to get my Centurion to Renown 10 and I missed that by a small margin. I honestly could have got to 10 if I stayed the path but ill explain what happened.

The Double XP Weekend was set to start at 2 PM EST on Friday and I was ready to go by 1:30 if I am going to be honest about it. Sadly there was an issue on the PlayStation side of things which by 2:45 PM EST I realized I STILL wasn’t receiving Double XP. I checked twitter to find that other players were having the same issue and though people were bitching (no surprise there)  Ubisoft did update us quickly that they were working to fix it and they did. They also extended the Double XP Weekend 6 hours as it ended at 10 PM EST on Monday night!

I played A LOT this past weekend, so much so that I believe it was the most time I spent playing For Honor in any 4 day span and quite frankly, I loved it! I got my Centurion to Renown 9 and some change and I could of went to 10 but towards the end (Sunday Night and Monday) I decided to spend some time on my Conqueror and Warden as I want to get both Heroes up there as well. Though I didn’t get to 10 with my Centurion I did get to where I wanted to be and that was the level to start getting Legendary Gear and boy did I ever. I now have put together one of the sickest swords I have ever seen in my life! I literally wish I had it in real life, that is how awesome it looks (I forgot to take a snapshot of it…). Spending time on the other Heroes was important though as I got my Warden to Renown 1 and my Conqueror to Renown 7 (where I can now get Legendary Gear).

Not everything was great though, besides the late start on Friday there were some issues for me Saturday night as my game started freezing up after I would complete a game. It happened about 3 times and when it would happen I wouldn’t get credit for playing that 10-15 minute game which was annoying, to say the least. I was also disconnected, which hasn’t happened to me once since coming back to play over this last month,  but I was only affected once or twice by this so it wasn’t a huge deal… but coupled with the freezing it did damper my experience some.

Another inconvenience was with the players themselves. In about 25% of my games played there would be someone just SITTING THERE on a point not doing a damn thing. Didn’t matter if our team was losing, if a teammate was outnumbered 3 to 1, they didn’t move for nothing.  I confronted one of the players that was doing this bullshit and they said: “I’m not playing to run around and chase people, I am boosting and here for the double XP, get fucking good trash bag”. Sadly I ran into this person TWICE during the weekend and he did the same shit each time. My teammates actually started area attacking him and all he would do is “Thanks!” in the game chat. People like this fucking disgust me, they single handily ruin other peoples experience and for what? To play a game but doing absolutely nothing? How is that fun? How do you explain to yourself that you are wasting hours of your life by just sitting there not even playing the game at all? Needless to say, these types of scumbags live everywhere in this world, they are the fucking morons who like to put a damper on other peoples lives and sit back and laugh. Well, buddy if you happen to come across this article and know it is you I am talking to, FUCK YOU!

Now that I got that out of my system, my experience overall was very good. I enjoyed the Double XP, I enjoyed playing with friends for part of the weekend and quite honestly it was a job well done. I hope it isn’t too long before they have another Double XP week and I hope they consider adding in double steel after games and completing orders. But that was my time with For Honor this weekend, did you get to play any? How was your experience? Let me know in the comment section below!


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