For Honor: Double XP Weekend!

If you are a consistent reader of mine you know by now that I am back into For Honor, have been for the last 3 weeks and I am loving it! On August 15th I tweeted this:

They did not respond back to me and why would they, especially if it wasnt happening. But only a short 8 days later I scroll down my feed to see this:


You sly dogs! Took my idea and ran with it huh? No I kid, this was obviously in the works long before I tweeted them about it but I do feel pretty cool for predicting it a bit. That being said, I was excited as all hell to find out they are doing a DOUBLE XP weekedend and its my birthday weekend on top of all that!

I have been grinding my Centurion since a got him 3 weeks ago and he is almost prestige (I know its “Renown” by prestige sounds better to me okay? lol) 5 at the moment. Specifically prestige 4, level 13 or 14 I believe. So I am getting some work in for sure but my goal is to get him to prestige 30 as my only other prestige hero is the Conqueror and he is at prestige 6, level 11. Getting this Double XP means I will be grinding 4v4 Dominon most of the weekend to try and at least get to prestige 10. I think that is a safe goal to set but I would really like to get to 20 though I think that may be a stretch.

I know For Honor is trying to get people BACK to playing and YES I know they havent FIXED everything, I know there are some glitch moves used at the higher tiers (that have yet to effect me) but For Honor is in a far better place than it was when it was released. And for all you morons commenting on For Honor tweets complaining that you get kicked almost every game, shut the fuck up, no you dont. I was almost always kicked every 2-3 games when this game launched, I have been grinding this game for 3 weeks now and havent be dropped once. Stop being a fucking tard and complaining about shit that doesnt exsist just for the sake of making noise.

For the rest of you, I hope you have a great weekend, I wil be off putting the fear of god into my enemies on the battlefield (well at least try to lol).




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