Dragonball FighterZ Looks So Good!

I have been a fan of Dragonball Z since I was a kid. My cousins were the one who actually got me into the show and it just blossmed into a life long appreciation for everything DBZ, including one of my favorite characters of all time, Vegeta! I have seen the entire series more than once and I have played a ton of their games. Everything from DBZ Budokai to the latest DBZ Xenoverse, but for the most part they were all really the same and if I am being honest, I didnt enjoy Xenoverse at all. My favotire DBZ game to date would probably have to be DBZ Budokai 3 and that was released way back in 2002 (15 years ago).


With Xenoverse 2 out not to long ago I really just gave up hope that they would be doing a better DBZ game anytime soon and just like my beloved Turtles who havent had a great game since 1991 (Turtles In Time), I was pretty confident that DBZ would have a hard time finding someone who would do them justice once again in video game form. But then something amazing happened:

WHAT!! WHAT!?!?! AM I DREAMING?! I could not believe it when I saw it, so I watched it again, I looked for more proof just to be sure it wasnt fake (you never know now a days) and to my pleasure it is 1000% real and it looks absolutley amazing!  The animation sytle, the colors, the scenery, it just all comes together so beautifully and it is something that I have yet to see done (in America) for the DBZ video game franchise!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

They have yet to announce all the characters yet but as you can see from the trailer and the slideshow (shown above) they have an amazing starting roster of likely picks. Most importantly they have Vegeta and thats more than enough for me! This game isnt set to release until early 2018 so I am excited to see who else makes the cut and all the cool additions they add to the game. My one hope is that they add the American Voice Actors in the American version as those are the voices I know from being a fan of the series growing up. It wont be a deal breaker if they dont but it will lose a bit of the overall experience for me.

I will leave you with this awesome video of actual gameplay! Hope you enjoy it!


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