For Honor: Dear Players

As I have stated in a couple of my previous articles, I have fallen back in love with For Honor. I have been playing it faithfully over the last two weeks and every problem I had with it before seems to be all fixed, which is fantastic! However there are a few issues that Ubisoft will be unable to fix and it just comes down to the common sense of the people playing the game, spoiler alert, most don’t have any.

In For Honor, if you are killed BUT NOT executed by your opponent. you CAN be revived by a teammate. Now I have no problem with this, it is a very well thought out system that adds a bit of strategy to the game. However… you will find that these morons playing THINK that reviving them is more important than anything else. Through my time with the game, not just in the past 2 weeks but the time I played during the Alpha, Beta and Launch, players who die and are able to be revived constantly spam the “Help me I am dead but can be revived” button every single time they die AND IF a teammate does not make them a priority they will spam it more and more until they can respawn and then they spam the “Wow” and “Thanks” a few times. There have been plenty of times where I have been in a 2v2 scenario and my teammate dies, leaving me in a 2v1. These mother fuckers will sit there and spam the revive button as if to complain that I am not doing enough to try and revive them. Bitch! I am fighting 2 fucking people at the same time because you couldn’t hold you own, you can fucking wait!

Ive seen a teammate die on the other side of the board because they were caught reaching, meanwhile the rest of the team is doing their part ON THE OTHER SIDE of the map and this stupid fuck is spamming revive like someone is actually going to leave a fight or their post to go get them. STOP BEING MORONS! Do your job and you wont be laying on the ground bleeding out! I am not going to leave a teammate double teamed, or lose an objective to go revive your ass! If your teammates have a chance to revive you THEY WILL! So stop with the bullshit and grow up.

Speaking of players doing their jobs, why is it that players REFUSE or are just to STUPID to group up in Dominion? I have played too many games where my teammates will space out and go in 3 different directions, each getting picked off one by one. Respawn, split up and die, over and over and over until the game is far out of reach. I will start to spam “Group up!” and NO ONE will ever listen! Ever! I am lucky if I actually get someone that already knows to group up, and when I do, the two of us are ALWAYS the top 2 in the game and it is much better for our team when we do. The momentum swings that I have seen from someone actually working with me is tremendous! Just today I went into this game with someone that said “Group Up!” from the start, it was fantastic! He and I carried the team on our back and at the end of the game when he and I died while trying to fight 4v2, I look at the overview of the map to find our other teammates on 2 different sides of the map, both fighting minions WHO WERE NOT ON THE MIDDLE OBJECTIVE! I mean for fucks sakes man, how fucking dumb do you have to be? Go play against fucking bots if you want to fuck around with minions or some shit. We ended up losing as both teams broke and the 2 of us were out manned in battle.

How hard is it to follow a simple task that will not only benefit the entire team but YOU as well. Despite what you think, you are NO pro! You wont take out the whole team solo, all you will be doing is fucking your team over with your overestimation of your own talent. Group up from the get go! Head to your first objective TOGETHER! Move on to the next objective TOGETHER! Fight the other team at the objective TOGETHER and if you wipe them out, go and take their objective TOGETHER! If you die and you know one or the rest of your teammates died as well, FUCKING WAIT for them to respond and go back into battle TOGETHER! YOU respawning and running into 2-4 opponents alone is ONLY going to get you killed, it isn’t helping YOU or your team. It isn’t fucking hard to understand, but for some reason people just like to act fucking stupid.

THANKFULLY I don’t ever have to speak to any of these players and there isnt enough quick chat options to really be upset about people saying shit, like “What A Save” in Rocket League. It just blows my mind that people don’t understand the simple thought process that goes into beating the other team in this game. YES there will be times where one player is just better than the rest and sometimes will carry his team, BUT if you work together as a team, that player wont stand a chance. Again, THANKFULLY when I start to feel like I am getting annoyed because I land a few moronic teammates, I can always go and play vs bots which also grants me coins and xp. I actually love playing against bots, but that will be a story for another day.



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