For Honor: My Experience

Back in January before this game was released I wrote an article about For Honor, talking about whether or not it would be worth it to buy and ultimately I did end up purchasing the game. I love Medieval settings, knights, armor, sword fights etc, its all really fascinating to me. Add on a really awesome looking fighting system and I took the leap and hoped that this game would be my next big favorite game of all time. I know For Honor has been out for a long while now (I would of wrote about it sooner had I been writing at the time) but I really wanted to share my experience as I feel this game has been beaten down more so than it deserves.


Yes, for a while there For Honor’s servers were complete shit. I couldn’t go 3 games without being kicked at some point during a game, essentially wasting 5-20 minutes of my time for nothing. Yes, I do think for quite a while there, even up until I stopped playing, character classes where quite uneven and this lead to some unfair and unfun gameplay. Yes, the charge spam was and still is very annoying and ruins the experience for the player who doesn’t know how to counter it. What good is a fight system when all your opponent needs to do is continuously charge, attack, charge, attack, charge, attack until your dead? It is really unnecessary, and once again takes the fun out of the game. I quit playing For Honor after Season 1 was over for all of the reasons I just stated and it was a shame because I really felt like this game could be a very big deal.

Even though I stopped playing I did keep up with the game via social media and so on because like I said even though this game has its problems if they were just able to fix those main ones this game could really go places. The fighting system is really awesome and despite what I have heard from other nay sayers there is plenty of  strategy and thought process that goes into each swing or defense. It really is brilliant. The look of the game is really spot on as the heroes and maps are really well done. The game modes are also fun as you have 4v4 Dominion where you have to capture and control 3 points on the map, 4v4 skirmish where it is basically a team death match (first to x amount of points), 2v2, 1v1 and all of these modes can be played with other players against other player or against AI.


I recently came back to For Honor because I missed it to be quite honest. When I was playing I was one of the best Conquerors out there, if I was matched up against another Conqueror, 9 times out of 10 I was coming out alive. What I have noticed since coming back is that the servers seem to be fixed. I haven’t been kicked once and I have played quite a bit since I started playing again, which is fantastic. I cant really speak on the other 2 issues though from personal experience because I choose not to play “competitively” anymore so all my games were against AI, but I still had a blast playing. However a buddy of mine who recently came back to the game said he rage quit after being spammed to death so that part of the game is still alive and well, unfortunately. But if you can become good at blocking spam charged then this is something you can easily avoid but for someone that just wants to play it to sit back and enjoy the game it is still something that takes away the fun. As far as the character balance goes, everyone is always complaining about that, in any game you look at. Diablo, LoL, HotS, etc, everyone always thinks they know what is best and how a character should be, especially if they dont like being that character and that character always beats them. More than half the time its all about learning to beat the character rather than they needing to be “nerfed”. I remember in the early days of Overwatch when EVERYBODY and their mother was complaining about Bastion and how he was “to OP”. Once people knew how to actually beat him, he wasn’t that much of a problem going forward. So take that issue for what its worth.


Ultimately I really do enjoy this game and it would be even better if I had a whole team to play together with (that goes for any game really). But I do get my fun out of fighting the AI and earning coins and unlocking new gear and so on. Speaking of gear, the new gear they have added since I have been gone is awesome! So many new weapons and armor, shields and all that. They really do a great job of bringing these factions to life. Does For Honor still have work to do? Yes. Have they lost a lot of their players since launch? Yes, but so does a lot of new “hyped” games. Most people are like flies and they are attracted by the light other people put on things, once a new light appears they go off and talk about and hype up something new leaving other things behind. That doesn’t mean that For Honor is a failed game, far from it to be honest, but like I said they still need more work if they are going to be considered as much in the public eye. They are not going into Season 3 with 2 more new heroes and a few new maps. There are only 2 more new heroes slots open to be released when Season 4 comes around so I would suggest that if Ubisoft is serious about making this game really great they need to start creating some new characters and/or some more game modes/content to sustain them past Season 4.

What did you think about For Honor? Are you one of the people trashing it for its early mishaps? Are you one of the people still playing it and see its potential? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “For Honor: My Experience

  1. For Honor is one of the best games I’ve played this year. I’m really good with the Berserker and I’ve even won some 1v3 battles with him in conquest. I haven’t played in awhile (got back into Skyrim), but I do miss it.

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    1. I am happy that I finally started playing again. Played for a bit yesterday and did have a lot of fun with it (besides those 2 games of Dominion where I was just completely manhandled lol). I am excited to learn the Centurion more as he is really fun to play. On another note, I never got to play Skyrim, I need to do so at some point.

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      1. I built my blog around Skyrim. It’s my favorite game ever lol. I keep finding a way back to it and modding it. Every playthrough is different for me even after 1,000 hours of gameplay.

        I need to try the new classes in For Honor. Might go back once I finish Wildlands :).

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