Out This Fall!

This is awesome! My first article about one of my favorite things, Funko Pops! I have been collecting “PoP!’s” for the last 3-4 years, not heavily collecting, but when I go out and I see a few I really like I pick them up. Right now I have almost 80 of them on my wall and around my desk. This fall I am looking to add at least 3 more to my collection because they just announced the other day that “some of the biggest names in NFL history are coming” and 3 names on that list are 3 of my favorite players of all time! Primetime Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders and Bo Jackson!

For those of you who read “My Football Life”, you will know that when I was growing up I modeled my game after Barry and Deion Sanders. My father was a huge Bo Jackson fan and in turn I became his fan as well, I even have a “Bo Knows” tee (actually wore it 2 days ago come to think about it). When they announced this line I was so happy because I was toying around with the idea of starting to collect sports PoP!’s because up until now I have chosen not to buy any of them. I never wanted to collect them to be honest because I am not really a big fan of the Players but more of the Teams. Yes I know I just said I am a huge fan of the 3 players I mentioned but these are 3 of the greatest players of all-time, who I watched growing up as I was trying to learn the game of football. Now a days, besides Tom Brady there isn’t really a player (in my opinion) who is even close to that GREAT level. I am not really a big fan of anybody out there today with the exception of one single player I will mention momentarily.

DGURkl1VwAADnEx.jpg large

So taking a look at the list above my must haves are BOTH Prime’s, Barry & Bo. Following that is like my second tier of “want”, they are MUST HAVES but I really do want them: Farve, Marino, Bradshaw & LT (Blue). The rest, if they are around after I may pick them up somewhere down the road. There is one other PoP! that will be on my MUST HAVE list after I pick up those other 4 and that would be none other than:


Yes sir! Another thing you might know about me from “My Football Life” is that I am a HUGE Ohio State Football fan and Zeke ran into my heart as we went on and BEAT BAMA and Oregon to become the 1st College Playoff National Champions. I may due an article about the history of my fandom later on but lets just say that Zeke is the first player I have ever truly been a fan of since Prime, Barry and Bo. He may not turn into the greatest running back of all-time but he has already done enough at Ohio State and his first year in the NFL to deserve a place on my shelf!

I am so excited to add these 5 (at least) new PoP!’s to my collection this fall! I already have a place for Bo Jackson, right next to his signed Raiders mini helmet. If you liked this installment of HalfShelledHeroGaming.com then get ready because I got some more articles about PoP!’s coming your way in the on going weeks! If you didn’t, well then don’t read the next one.

Do you have any Sports PoP!’s? Which are your favorites? Let me know in the comment section below!


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