Madden 18 Worth The Purchase?

I have been playing Madden for a very long time, the very first Madden I played was Madden 92! I have played every single Madden every year, ever since and while I was on the Madden Fan Club for the first 15 years of my Madden “career”, no a days I do wonder if picking up Madden every single year is a good move.

There were a few years down the road where I almost didn’t purchase Madden at all but at some point or another I would end up getting it. I remember back in 2013 “Madden 25” came out and I chose not to buy it. I just didn’t think there was enough change to warrant a $60 purchase. Well in early spring when I bought my PS4, Madden was basically one of the only games that I “liked” in the selection of games they had at the time, so I bought it. Last year, “Madden 17”, I once again decided NOT to buy Madden. It was for the same reason, didn’t think it was worth the $60 purchase for so little change. About a month before it came out a former friend of mine begged me to get the game with him. He told me about all the changes they did to “Connected Franchise” mode (which is my favorite mode) and the plans he had for the two of us if I were to get the game with him. So despite not wanting to get it at first, he convinced me and I bought it. Halfway through our first season he quit playing because he “didn’t like it”… Luckily for me, I did actually enjoy it, for a couple months at least.

The thing with Madden is I never end up playing it for more than a couple months. Ill play it during September and into early October and then ill come back to it in December and January, then once again sometime in the Spring/early Summer and that’s about it. Ill probably get thought about 10 seasons max each Madden and then repeat when the new one comes out. Games like Diablo and Rocket League have kept me coming back more consistently over time and I am not sure that Madden 18 will be any different.

Frostbite Engine At Work

I was excited to hear that Madden 18 would be moved to the frostbite engine and while some things do look great, most of the screenshots seem to look very similar to 17, with some small differences. Now, when you are actually in front of the TV playing the game I know it will be different, things will look a lot better than they do in screenshots, but that’s all I have to go off of right now (besides shit quality YouTube Videos).

A lot of work has been done to the blocking and defense per the Madden website but I have heard that before and quite frankly, most of what EA always say they fix never really seems to be fixed. I remember one year they expressed how much better running the ball would be because of the upgraded AI blocking on the offensive line… It really didn’t fell that way when I played it. There have been many instances over the years of similar things happening (in my experience) so while this WOULD BE GREAT, I really cant take them at their word. They also listed a bunch of tweaks/fixes for a bunch of things coming into Madden 18 and to be honest, the list is quite impressive (see list). But again.. is everything really fixed?

As I stated before, Connected Franchise is my favorite mode. That is where I spend 99% of my time playing Madden. I know they made some improvements to this mode last season but it is still far from where I think it could/should be. There are so many things I want from this mode that we don’t currently have and I am disappointed that it didn’t get another upgrade this year. What they did do though, was create a new story mode called “Long Shot”. I don’t know how I feel about this because I really don’t like the story modes in other sports games like NBA 2K and so on. Who knows, if I get it and play it, I may like it but going off past experiences I am not sure I will be to involved in it.

Screenshot From “Long Shot” Story Mode

I don’t mind that Madden isn’t a “brand new” game every year, but what bothers me is that they still charge us “new game” price ($60 + tax). I would much rather be comfortable having it excursively on the PSN (no physical copy) and have it be $60 for your first purchase and $30 DLC updates every year thereafter. It would make a lot more sense that way because unless Madden is one of the 2 or 3 games you play all year, it all adds up and a lot of the time its just to much.

At this point I am on the fence, part of me wants to buy it and part of me says wait until next year. I just wish there were more offered to really get me excited to pick this game up. I do love football and I do love Madden so going off past experiences I know somehow Madden will be on my PS4 this fall. But what do you think? Is there something I haven’t considered? Is there new updates I may not know about? Help me decide in the comments below!


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