D3 Necro: Thrill Or Frill

For anyone who has ever kept up with HalfShelledHeroGaming over the years, you will know that my favorite games of all time is the Diablo Franchise (2 & 3). One of my favorite articles I have ever written was about Diablo, you can check that out here. To give those who don’t know a brief summery, I started playing Diablo 2 when I was young, about the age of 13. I played it for a very long time thereafter, at least 9-10 years (the later years being more off than on, but still played it every now and again for some time). My favorite character was the Necromancer, hands down. I probably made triple the amount of Necros then I did any other character, combined.

When Diablo 3 (finally) came out, I was very disappointed to find there would be no Necromancer and in their place would be a watered down excuse for one in the Witch Doctor. This didn’t stop me from playing Diablo as I have played it for more than half my life. I found comfort in a new favorite, the Crusader, and I went on hoping that if they ever did a Diablo 4, my Necro and I would reunite! Well that was until the announced that the Necro was coming to D3 as a character pack and I went through the roof! I couldn’t wait to play as my favorite character once more and I even went as far as to never watch or read anything about the class as I wanted to experience it all for the first time on my own.


I purchased the Necro pack on day one and have been playing Diablo more so than I had been months leading up to release (mostly because I wanted a big break from Diablo so when the Necro came out it was like I was playing the game all over again for the first time). I am still playing today (as a matter of fact I will be playing right after I finish writing this lol) and I have to say, I am quite happy with how the Necromancer came out.

I am a Diablo 2 Necro Expert and for the most part the Diablo 3 Necro does everything I ever wanted it to do. Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, Skeletons, Golems, Corpse Explosions and few new skill that are pretty bad ass like Blood Rush, Blood Siphon, Land of the Dead, Devour and Corpse Lance. I am not going to go into detail about each one but I am super happy with all of it, they all look and feel fantastic.

Bone Wall Skill From Diablo 2

I do however have a two major points that I was not so thrilled about. First, the most upsetting thing to me is the fact that there is no “Bone Wall” skill. This used to be one of my favorite skills to use because it would help me hold demons at bay while I pick them off from afar. They have “Bone Prison” but it is a passive skill and it doesn’t have the same strategy/effect as it did in D2. Its something I really do wish they had implemented in D3. The second most upsetting thing to me is that the Skeleton Mages “Lasts 6 seconds” after casting. That just ruins that whole skill for me. Part of the fun of the Necro was being able to control this massive army and while you get your Skeleton Warriors and your Golem, the Mages just aren’t worth it when you continuously have to recast every 6 seconds… it becomes a nuisance.

These next few points are minor issues that I wished they went in a different direction but are still okay in the grand scheme of things. I wish they returned the Fire and Steel Golems to D3, and also added an Arcane Golem. My favorite Golems right now are the Bone and Ice Golems but the other ones don’t really do it for me. Not a fan of the way the Regular, Blood and Decay Golems look, they aren’t terrible by any means, I just would of preferred the Fire, Steel and Arcane additions more (and before you say it, I know they don’t really fit the theme of the Necro but they worked for him in D2 and I am sure no one would of complained if they followed suit in D3… matter of fact, everyone always complains about the smallest things nowadays so what the hell do I know, Ive only been playing this game for 17 years).

Diablo 2 Fire Golem (How great does that Necor Look?! <3)

Though the new Bone Armor looks bad ass, I do miss the D2 Bone Armor. I know you can get that look with a set and all that but the swirling bone of armor was just such an iconic skill/look for the Necro and I do miss it. But like I said before, the new skill/look is bad ass. Moving on to Bone Spirit, I hate that it has a cool down. You get like 2-3 charges and then have to wait and its like… ugh, why take the fun out of one of the D2 favorites. I don’t use Bone Spirit all that much as Bone Spear is my baby but it was a bit disappointing to see that cool down. Lastly I am a teeny tiny bit disappointed that you only get 7 Skeletons, I know its 7 Skeletons but being about to control a ton in D2 makes it a tiny bit underwhelming, but now I am just nitpicking.

Right now my Necro is the strongest character I currently have. I am doing fine at Torment X when Torment VI was the highest I was ever able to go alone before. Just the other day I finally collected all of the Pestilence set and have just been owning some demon ass ever since. Just talking about it is making me impatient to play so I am going to end things here! Overall I am very happy with the Diablo 3 Necromancer and I thank Blizzard for reuniting us once again!


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