One Last Try

Back at the beginning of January I made an article named “I Am Back For 2017” as I had stepped away to run my Organization “Minor League Doubles”. I said ” I miss talking about the games I have played and the new ones yet to come, I simply miss all that I have done here” which was true but the “MLD” once again pulled me away. I was also taking the fun out of doing this as I was trying to pump out as much material as I could and it went from something I enjoyed to something I HAD to do and eventually I let it slip away once again.

I want to handle it a bit different this time around to ensure that I keep the fun level up as that is the reason I do it. Going forward I wont be worrying about putting out material every single day of the week. When I want to talk about something, then I will write. I forced myself last time to play games I didn’t want to JUST to have something to talk about and that is just a waste of my time. So if there is nothing on my mind then there will be no material that day, or for a stretch of days, and I am okay with that.

More so, I will be expanding what I talk about here on I will mostly be talking about games but I also want to talk about other things that I am interested in! I LOVE to collect PoP! figures and I will be talking about new ones I add to my collection, ones that I want to add and new ones that are released. At times I may talk about Sports Uniforms, specifically if new ones are revealed, as I love Sports logos/uniform talk. Lastly, sometimes I may just talk about life. Really I just want to speak my mind here as this is my very last attempt to keep this going.

I don’t know how many of you are still reading/interested but hey, it is what it is. I have always enjoyed writing about things I am passionate about and whether or not people are reading is really irrelevant at this point in time. If you are reading, thank you for doing so and I hope I can add 5-10 minutes of something positive in your life!


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