My Next Buy: Everybody’s Golf

As of late I have been fighting the fact that I no longer genuinely enjoy truly online competitive games (see “Online Chaos”). From Overwatch/Paladins to Rocket League, Heroes of the Storm and so on. While I do really enjoy the game itself, the struggles and frustrations that come with the online gaming aspect has completely ruined my view of these games. I wont say that I will never purchase an online competitive game again but it would have to be under the right circumstances (friends playing the same game, how much am I really into that game etc). This is where “Everybody’s Golf” comes in.

I was never a real golf fan, I played a few golf games over the years but nothing to really latch on to. I never watch the sport because at this point in my life it is still very boring. However I have always been a fan of cartoonish sports games like “MLB Power Pros”, “NFL Blitz” and other similar titles, so when I saw this video on “Everybody’s Golf” I became very interested in it.

I was never very interested in golf before but that all changed when I went to the local driving range a couple months ago. I absolutely LOVED it and I even wish I had started to play Golf a lot sooner. So mix together the fact that I want to transition from those “hardcore online competitive” games, being a fan of cartoonish sports games and my new appreciation for the game of golf and BAM! We have a match!


Another driving point that has been excited for this game is the extensive options for customizing your own character! I LOVE to customize and if your game has great customization skills then I am going to be drawn to it! To be honest, the customization element of Rocket League was the main reason I got the game when it was first released, otherwise I probably would of passed it up because I thought “Cars playing soccer? Okay?”. Thankfully I did get the game because it has been my most played game over the last 2 years!

What I am hoping for from “Everybody’s Golf” is an escape from frustrating games as I want to be able to sit back, relax, HAVE FUN and and tee off online in fair, calm competition or by myself in a round of 18 holes. At my age there is nothing great about adding more unnecessary stress from ignorant, immature and heartless gamers to an already stressful world. I have a choice and I choose FUN over frustration! When this game releases in a month, you know where I will be!


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