Paladins: My Experience

Welcome back for another entry of “My Experience” where I talk about my experience being hands on with some great, or not so great games. Today we will be talking about My Experience with Paladins: Champions of the Realm! It is available right now for FREE on the PlayStation Network!



The first thing people say about Paladins is that it is a ripoff/clone of Overwatch and to that I say, so what? Yes there are many similarities as the game has the same concept and game modes and some of the characters share SOME of the same abilities but that is where the similarities ends. The art style, maps, character designs, and a ton of other abilities are all completely different. Most of the people who make this claim are Overwatch fan girls who want to protect their favorite game, but I bet most of those who have played Paladins or gave it a chance actually like it.

The biggest difference in Paladins compared to Overwatch is the Perk/Card system that allows you to slightly customize the feel of a hero. For example the character Viktor has 3 different Perks you can choose before a game begins, 1) “Gain 15% bonus damage while using Iron Sights”, 2) “Gain 30% bonus damage while Hip Firing” & 3) “Heal for 250 health per second during Hustle” (Hustle is a skill that allows Viktor to run/sprint). Three different styles to choose from and for me personally I like to choose “Firefight” which is “Gain 30% bonus damage while Hip Firing” because while I do most of my damage aiming down my sights from a far, I want that extra damage for those enemies that try to rush me and get to close. It allows me to burn them down much quicker and win the majority of those battles. On top of that you select your “loadout” which is made up of 5 cards that you get from opening chests. These cards (in Viktors case) look like “Kills grant 40% Movement Speed for 4s”, “For every enemy player hit by Frag Grenade, reduce its cooldown by 4s” or “Gain 200 health”. There are many cards with different effects for EVERY different hero in the game and when you add all these Perk/Card effects up, my Viktor will play different then the other teams Viktor and I love that aspect of the game.


The other great difference from Overwatch is the Cosmetic system. You can unlock new skins just like in OW but in Paladins you can mix and match head, body and weapon skins as you please. So just like the Perk/Card system that lets you customize how you play with your characters, Paladins lets you customize exactly how you want your character to look. Paladins actually have pretty awesome skins as well, these aren’t just “rare skins” just to call them that, they are really great ideas and designs that play out really well in this game. One of my favorite skins that I have collected so far is Viktors Green Army Men skin and it isn’t just 1 head, body and weapon skin, they actually have a range of different pieces that you can put together to make your own look and that is pretty sweet. In the image above, my Viktor is exactly like the one with his gun in the air. Playing a solider characters that looks like a toy Green Army Man is really cool to me.


The last big difference that I love about Paladins is that you get mounts to ride. Right now there is only 3-4 different horses you can have as mounts but I believe in time there will be a wide variety. With these mounts you can get from your Spawn area back into battle in no time, leaving you playing more and waiting less. In Overwatch, when I would be Solider: 76 I could get back from spawn and into battle in no time, but if I wanted to switch to Junkrat after I died I would be walking for days before I would get back because he is soooooo slow. So not only do you have to wait for the spawn timer to hit zero after you die, to come back, but you then have to waste time walking all the way back and in one game, that can add up (depending on how many times you die). In Paladins, no matter how slow or fast your hero is, you can always count on your mount to get you back to where you need to be. The skins for the mounts also look fantastic! I have this one!


Is Overwatch more polished than Paladins? Yes, but Paladins is also still in Beta so that is to be expected. There is no reason both of these games cant exist, does PlayStation and Xbox not do the same exact thing just in slightly different ways? This is the same case here, they have the same concept, some similar ideas but do other things very differently. While the same problems exist in Paladins, I dont think it is as damaging as OW is. for example, if ONE of the 6 players on your team in Overwatch doesn’t do their job, then the game is over no matter how hard you try, however I have found in Paladins that even if ONE of the 5 players on your team doesn’t do their job, you can still pull out a win. I like to think of Overwatch as the HARDCORE version of this game and Paladins as the less competitive, more fun approach, but I am only a couple week in, so that could change. Overall I find Paladins to be more fun (most of the time) than Overwatch, where I feel like I spend more time frustrated and arguing with brain dead teammates.

But that is My Experience playing Paladins so far. Have you played it? What are your thoughts on it? What do you like/dislike about it? Let me know! Until next time, take care and TRY to have fun gaming!


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