Online Chaos

It is no secret that trolls are everywhere online, but I feel it is now being accepted and more people are embracing this role as time goes on. It has grown from being the attitude of a sarcastic little punk to people literally wanting to see the world burn. Like the Joker, there is no real rhyme or reason for their actions, these trolls just want to create chaos and stand back and laugh as they ruin someones day, month, year or even their lives. This type of behavior reaches well beyond the gaming world but when someone cant sit back, relax and unwind with their favorite game after a long day because some joker behind their mask of anonymity feels good about putting other people down and ruining their time, there is something wrong with that.

If your idea of fun is to spend countless hours in a game with the simple objective to ruin someones experience then you need a reality check. 99% of these low lives wouldn’t even dare to say or do anything close to what they do online, once you remove that mask, they will run and cower with their tail between their legs. Growing up, if someone even attempted to troll half as hard on the playground, you’d be sent back home with your teeth down your throat. Whether you got along or didn’t get along with someone on the basketball court, there was a line you did not cross. Sure, everyone talks trash but there is a point where if you are going to bring it there, you better be ready to throw down. If you got picked to play a game of Basketball, Football, whatever, and you chose to ignore the objective of the game, simply just to rag on someone, you would get your ass kicked. Not just by the person you were trash talking but by your own team as well. So unless you were completely stupid, you didn’t try it.

Online there is no threat to this group of people, they bring it to that level right out gate and laugh their way through. They are not in danger of getting their ass kicked, the worst that can happen is they get reported and AS WE ALL KNOW, that doesn’t work, because 90% of the time nothing ever happens. If they don’t like someone on their team, maybe a teammate suggested a plan they didn’t like, well guess what? This joker is going to jump off the map for the rest of the game leaving his team handicapped so they lose, laughing at every moment that passes as their team starts to build with frustration. Maybe you are playing Doubles in Rocket League and your teammate will not rotate. They are following you into corners and leaving your team wide open for easy goals. You simply ask your teammate to rotate and by doing so, they play with the other team against you, score in their own goal and/or then leave the game completely and you are sitting there wasting 3-4 minutes of your life because of some asshole who is to stupid to understand how to play the game correctly.


When Overwatch came out, I was a huge fan, I loved it. But over time I couldn’t stand the people who played it. A game that is SUPPOSED to bring fun and enjoyment suddenly only brings anger and frustration. I walked away from the game for about 6 months before giving it another shot just the other day. So we are defending in Hanamura, I select Reinhardt because we needed a tank and EVERYONE NEEDS to be attack heroes, no one wants to play defense or a healer… but luckily we have one person who did pick a healer in Zenyatta. We get to the point and I set up in front of the door, shield up. I look behind me to make sure everyone is setting up, and no one is there. Symmetra set up somewhere up top, you have Solider and Hanzo up top as well, Zenyatta is on the point constantly shooting the big bell and I forget who and where the other player was. So I simply ask them to group up, and no one moves. I ask 3 to 4 more times before the other team starts charging in and no one moves. The enemy team rips down my shield, I am getting blasted and as I am trying to run I see our Zenyatta STILL on the point constantly shooting the big bell! I rush back to the point asking them to group up and no one will listen. Our team gets man handled and the enemy team takes both points with ease. I ask Zenyatta what the hell he was doing and they replied “I was on the point the entire time!” and I said “You weren’t healing anyone! You were fucking around with the bell!” and he says “For good reason”. “What do you mean for good reason? You are a healer, you job is to heal your team! If you aren’t going to do that then why play?” I said. He brags “I got 25% kill participation, so get at me!”, is this guy for real? Our whole team just got whipped from one end of the map to the other, he chose not to heal his teammates for “good reason” and bragged about his 25% kill participation in a game we lost. So at this point I say “Who gives a shit?! We just lost! What good is that stat if you didn’t do what you were supposed to?” and he goes “Maybe if you weren’t asking everyone to group up I would of healed you”. Holy fucking shit… so this dude basically through the game because someone asked him to group up… bravo… brav-fucking-o!


This type of thing is not just a one off incident, this happens in nearly every single game AND not just in Overwatch! Every online game you can think of where you need to rely on other people to help win the game for your team, best believe these people are there. I recently just started playing Paladins (an Overwatch clone if you will. Different in many areas but still similar in concept and game modes) and a similar scenario to the one I just explained happened. Our team wasn’t working together and we were losing the battle as the enemy team was pushing the payload. I asked the team to group up and someone on our team said “No”. I again asked 3 more times for my team to group up and the same person wrote “No” 3 more times. So as the game is ending and the enemy team is successfully pushing the payload to its destination, that same teammate spams “Woo Hoo!” 5-6 times in a row. He helped none, didn’t play as a team and cheered when we lost. I mean why play? Why waste everyone’s time? Why?! As I said earlier, there is no rhyme or reason, they just want to cause chaos and laugh as everyone else around them suffers.

What is even worse than that, is the smurfs. No not the blue little characters you see in the cartoons and on the big screen, a gaming smurf for those of you who don’t know are gamers of high talent creating a fake account so they can play against low level players and basically dominate. For example, say Keven Durant (NBA Player) left Oklahoma City Thunder because he was frustrated for not winning and instead of going to another NBA team, he left, created a new persona and went back to high school to play against high school kids. He would dominate every minute of every game and he would win 99% of the time. That’s what gaming smurfs do, and it makes them feel good about themselves while ruining other peoples experience. Why do they do this? It is simple, they do it because at their level they suck, they have a hard time winning and instead of putting in the time to get better they make a fake account to beat on smaller, easier opponents so they can be winners again. Recently I ran into a smurf while playing Rocket League, it was clear this player was better than the level he was playing at and while he dominated the game he liked to rub it in and tell everyone else how bad they sucked. So I called him out on being a smurf and not even 2 seconds later I get a voice chat invite from him. I of course accept his invitation and he starts the conversation by saying “1v1 me you little bitch!”. “Why would I 1v1 a smurf, that doesn’t make any sense” I said, and he goes “So what if I am a smurf, 1v1 me bitch!”. I say to him “if you are admitting you are a smurf, meaning you are a far higher skilled player than I currently am, what would 1v1ing you prove? You just dominated our 2v2 game” and he replies “so I can show you how bad you suck you fucking noob ass bitch”. So I then reply with “If you have to stoop down all this way to 1v1 a lower level player to feel good about yourself, doesn’t that just show how bad you really suck?”  and in a fit of rage he starts yelling “1v1 me you fucking bitch!” over and over until I left a few seconds after that.


This poor sport mentality is just the tip of the iceberg though, you see it more and more everyday, these ignorant bastards telling their teammates or opponents to “go kill yourself faggot”. They LIVE for this type of behavior and if the cause for concern about an issue like suicide is at the forefront of society, they leap into action and tell more and more people to go kill themselves. If cancer is the issue at hand, “get cancer and die”, if sexual assault is the issue, get ready to be told that your wife/mother/girlfriend is going to get raped by them. The stigma is that these type of people are 10-12 year old kids who really don’t know what they are saying/doing but I honestly have found that not to be the case.  In every single issue I have ever had where a mic was involved or became involved in any of the issues I have stated below they were AT LEAST 17-24 year old range. These weren’t kids, these were young adults who think that this behavior is okay and that should scare everyone as these heartless, ignorant bastards enter the real world. Maybe finally when they do, they will get their teeth kicked in and learn their lesson, so every time they open their mouth they are reminded of what can happen when they run it. One can only hope, I guess. But from where I stand this problem isn’t going away anytime soon.

I am entering my 30’s soon and I really don’t have the time or patience to deal with these type of people anymore. This has dramatically effected what games I will buy in the future. Destiny 2 looks pretty cool, the new Call of Duty looks fun, but no… these games are ruined by the other people that play with and against you. The awesomeness that is Rocket League and Overwatch is ripped apart if you do not have your own friends/team to play with. It isn’t healthy, fun or productive to invest in a game that is going to allow these types of people to effect your life. When I sit down to play a game, I want to relax, escape for a while and just have fun so I will have to stick to games that allow me to enjoy my time on my own and/or with friends only. The fact of the matter is, no matter how awesome a game may be, these chaos seeking, ignorant, heartless, sorry excuse for people are going to be waiting. Waiting for their moment to negatively effect any and every person they possibly can, all while laughing it up behind their mask of anonymity… until someone stands up and puts a stop to it once and for all.



3 thoughts on “Online Chaos

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Any game with a mode which requires above average amounts of strategy, communication, or just in general teamwork is spoiled by these toxic players. There is nothing worse then picking up a game to relax and turning off your system X mins later pissed and your stress levels through the roof 😦

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    1. You are right on the money. Gaming is supposed to be fun! But over the last several years with the growing scene that is Esports, it is almost impossible to enjoy these games. Just like you said “there is nothing worse then picking up a game to relax and turning off your system X mins later pissed and your stress levels through the roof”. This has happened to me more times than I care to admit and I am finally being smart about it and realizing how much of a problem this is and how I can remove it from my life. Even if that means not playing the next best game.


      1. Yep, right there with you. I am have to adjust what games a okay and move to more single player games to account for it which leads me to miss out on some great multiplayer focused games!

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