DuckTales Remastered: My Experience

Welcome back for another entry of “My Experience” where I talk about my experience being hands on with some great, or not so great games. Today we will be talking about My Experience with DuckTales Remastered! It is available right now for $5 on the Apple Store!

This is a bit of an old release as it dates back to August 2013 but the game wasn’t released onto iOS until May of 2015 (if my research is correct). I did know about it back in 2013 but I was never able to play it. As a fan of DuckTales and that glorious theme song, it never left my “to-do” list of gaming. Luckily a couple weeks ago I spotted it on iOS, purchased it for the $5 and started my treasure hunting journey!


Right away I was happy with the look of the remastered version as the characters and levels were nicely designed. I am all for the 8 bit design of old school games but you cant beat nice updated art to help out the visual aspect of a product. In this game you are Scrooge McDuck and your sole purpose is to go through and complete each level to acquire lost treasure. Along the way you will meet plenty of villains and monsters that try to stop you in your quest but with the right tools and smarts you will make it out with everything you came to find and more!


On iOS you have the arrow buttons to the left and two action buttons, one to jump and one to swing your cane like you are playing golf that lets you open chest and hit rocks and other objects into other chests or bad guys. For me the controls were a bit iffy at times as I would be trying to move one way and it would completely stop or I would be trying to jump and it wouldn’t. I died several times in crucial spots just because the jump button was not pressed (or just didn’t read that it was being pressed).  I blame that more on the touch screen gaming aspect than the actual game but it still hampered my experience some.


I found the map layouts very cool and it gave you more of an in depth experience than most of the iOS games you find out there. Having the chance to play DuckTales Remastered really brought me back and let me enjoy the play style of those old 2D games with a refreshing look. It is a simplistic, fun adventure that will keep you entertained throughout!  For only $5 I say this is a good buy and if anyone out there is a DuckTales fan and has not played this game then this will definitely be a steal for you. I think I would of enjoyed this more on console as I would of been able to use a real controller but overall this game was pretty good to say the least.



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