Power Ranger Mega Battle: My Experience

Welcome back for another entry of “My Experience” where I talk about my experience being hands on with some great, or not so great games. Today we will be talking about My Experience with Power Rangers Mega Battle! It is available right now for $15 on the PlayStation Network!

I had waited months for this game to come out, I was excited when the trailer was released I thought the game looked good and I gave my thoughts on what I hoped the game would deliver in a previous article. I didn’t want to jump into an article before I finished the game and got the best experience possible but now that I have done that I am ready to share with you my experience!

The art style of the game is great, from the Rangers to the Putties to the Levels themselves, everything was really fun to look at. The controls were very easy to understand and use but it would get a little annoying when your Ranger wasn’t lined up perfectly with a bad guy and you would just be attacking air. That was literally the only bad thing I have to say about this game (with exception to some minor things that weren’t in the game).

This Stage Here Brought Back Memories Of Turtles In Time

The levels got harder as you went along and if you died you had to start AT THE BEGGING OF THE STAGE! There was no respawn from where you died, it was start all over again and do it right, which I found to be refreshing. This game really took the greatness out of games like Turtles in Time and brought it to the current consoles with the Power Rangers. As I was playing and enjoying my time playing, I often remembered the days of Turtles in Time and this game did right by that model.

Decent Size Skill Tree

For the Rangers themselves you have the Original 5 to start off with, plus the White Ranger and the Rangers from Season 2. In the story you unlock the Green Ranger after you defeat him and the rest of that level. What I found cool was the Skill tree that you get to use when you level up. Spend your hard earned points into more life, energy, stamina and attacks!

View From the Megazord Tank Mode

There are 6 complete levels and at the end of each one is a boss that you have to beat in Ranger form and with the Megazord. A surprise to me came when you got to use the Megazord in tank mode and got to fire at certain spots on the monster to bring his life down as well as destroying any projectile the monster sent at you before it hit you. After you got through that stage you would transform into the Megazord and what I thought was going to be a fighting style combat stage like Mortal Kombat but it was really just a “press X, Circle, Square, Square” as fast as you can without messing up. If you did you would damage the monster and give you a new sequence to punch in. When the monsters life bar would near the end the Megazord would go off on its own and finish the job. I was really cool to watch but I just wish we had actual control of it.

Lord Zedd Looking Bad Ass

After about level 3 you get to meet Lord Zedd and can I just say I love the look of him in this game. He basically kicks the crap out of you and then you have to go 3 more levels before facing him in the final Boss fight. I found him very frustrating to beat, but in a good way. This game definitely was no push over as I had to work for the completion. It took me a little over 4 hours from start to finish and overall I was impressed. The small details like adding the Z vest to the Putties after Zedd took over was pretty cool, the ability to start as the human rangers, work up energy and morph mid-fight and the cool abilities you unlock on the way. After you complete the game you unlock some extra modes like Boss Rush, where you try and beat the ALL bosses as fast as you can and Rita’s Tower which is a never ending beat em up to see how far you can go without dying. It is really a fun game and worth the $15.

Using Special Tiger Power During Rita’s Tower Mode

There are somethings that made me a little disappointed though.We never got to see the Dragonzord or the Tigerzord, it was always just cut scenes until the Megazord. I was really hoping that when you fought the Green Ranger it would end up being a Megazord vs Dragonzord Boss Fight, but sadly that wasn’t the case. When you morph with the Original 5 Rangers they say their power like Jason will say “Tyrannosaurus!” while he morphs in game, Tommy on the other hand whether Dragon or Tiger doesn’t say anything and that was kind of a bummer. But I think the most disappointing aspect is the fact they don’t have an online mode. So unless you have 4 friends that want to play with you, you are just going to have to play everything with 1 Ranger and you cant even use one of the Extra modes that you get after beating the game because it is only for co-op.

The Megazord Cutting Down the Competition

Other than that, this game as I said before was really fun and I look forward to playing through it again with all the rangers. I hope they add some DLC’s with more levels, more skills added to the skill tree and more extra modes but I guess we will have to wait and see. But as for the raiting I am giving the Power Rangers Mega Battle a COWABUNGA!



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