World War Toons: My Experience

Welcome back for another entry of “My Experience” where I talk about my experience being hands on with some great, or not so great games. Today we will be talking about My Experience with World War Toons! It is a FREE game right now on the PlayStation Network and I thought I would give it a go.

From the trailer on PSN it shows that it is a World War 2 Cartoon Shooter and I tend to like that kind of thing. It also was a cinematic type trailer with decent graphics and a song. I knew that wouldn’t be the actual in game experience and I got the game with an open mind. My first impression after starting my first game was that of an old PS2 game (graphics wise). Now don’t get all pissy with me about the graphics, I am all for high res, 8 bit and everything in between AS LONG as it fits and enhances the game.Though the actual in game graphics did not match up to the cinematic trailer I still liked the style it gave the game, it was almost as if I had traveled back in time.



In a game you were either Ally or Axis and it was either Team or Solo Deathmatch (Most Kills Wins). You had the option of being 1 of 4 classes, a handgun guy, a machine gun guy, a sniper and a big bazooka guy (I don’t remember seeing any specific names for the classes). They all pretty much played the same expect for the bazooka guy was slower and the machine gun guy killed faster. I played on 2 different boards on my hour long session and both of them were pretty cool. There are item boxes all over the map that you can shoot open and they give you a power up, like dropping Pianos from the sky, throwing big bombs, and even riding a missile and directing it at your opponents. When you filled up this bar that was next to your life bar, you could turn into a tank that could take more damage and do more damage. There were also these springs all over the board that you could run over and it would launch you across the map, you could try and take out enemies this way as well.

While all this sounds and was fun, there were a bunch of issues that caused me to delete the game. Like I stated before, I did not mind that it looked like a PS2 game but what I did mind is that it felt like a PS2 game. The controls were clunky, the consistency of damage given and taken was way off (I could be in tank mode and shoot you while you are standing directly in front of me and you could probably take 3 tank shots before you would die). You could be running behind someone and waste a whole clip of a machine gun and still not kill them, meanwhile I could just be running down and alley and die. Part of what is frustrating about that is they don’t tell you who killed you or how they did it, you just die and respond.



As the game goes on there is no indication that it is about to end, it just does. There is no count down, now intense music that starts playing, you just randomly lose your gun and a Top 3 list pops up showing just the players names, nothing else. No K/D Ratio, no nothing and then you are brought back to the menu where you automatically queue for the next game. Another thing that bothered me was the Sniper, when you looked down the scope to snipe someone it didn’t even zoom in, it just created a circle on your screen with a sight. So you really couldn’t shoot from long range, the only advantage you have as a sniper is if you get close to an enemies head while in the “scope” their head enlarges for an easier kill. Besides that you are pretty much up a creek with out a paddle.

Now this did state it was a beta but if they have come this far and still have all these issues I don’t have a lot of hope for this game. There were moments where I was having fun, I was on kill streaks half the time and I learned to use the clunky controls to my advantage. That being said, it wasn’t enough to keep me around. They have a cool and fun idea but I feel their execution is a bit off, if only they could make it feel like a current system game while keeping the old school look. Maybe before they officially release it, but hey who knows.



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