For Honor: To Buy Or Not To Buy

I have been following a game called “For Honor” for a very long time now, I’d say about almost 2 years. I wrote an article on it back in August of 2016 explaining how the game works, what it is all about and why I am so excited to get my hands on the game (you can check that out here) and I was finally able to in September when I was selected for the Alpha Testing. I didn’t get a chance to talk about it because of my responsibilities running the MLD, but it did make an impact on me and now I don’t know whether to buy it or not.

When I played the Alpha I really did enjoy playing it (and I cant say that about all Alpha or Beta tests I have done), I had some amazing battles, 4 v 4 and 1 v 1! I think there was also 2 v 2 but I could be wrong, either way I did have fun. I even captured a piece of this awesome battle between myself and another in this 1 v 1 fight:

I mean how awesome was that?! I love how it is a rock, paper, scissors type game where in order to block an attack you need to predict what stance your enemy will attack from. So to put it in simple terms, your opponent attacks “Up”, you block “Up”, your opponent attacks “Right” you block “Right” and when you are on attack you want to do the opposite of what you think they will do. In the video I was able to land some heavy hits that knocked him of the ledge and jumped off said ledge on top of him landing the killing blow!


This is how you win in this game, killing your enemies and it is easier said than done. Look at the video again if you didn’t see the first time, but I was losing that fight and was able to come crashing down on him to end the battle. In the dominion 4 v 4 battles there are “minions” (computer controlled characters that have very small health and damage)  all over the place for both teams and when everyone is in the mix of things it really does look like you are in an old war. Its truly fun hacking and slashing your way through the minions only to come face to face with an enemy player, sometimes 2 enemy players and if that is the case I hope you are really good, or you better hope your teammates are not far behind because you are about to be in for a thrashing.

The customization is pretty cool, it isn’t full range customization but there is a good amount of options that can differ you from other players. The more you play one character the more you can find items that character can use (sort of a end game reward system). You can go to options and the Warrior you use and then equip the new items you found. In the Alpha I didn’t find much, and what I did find was more of the same with small tweaks. Also it was extremely difficult to get into a game and sometimes even when you did it would crash. But hey, that’s what you get with an Alpha test.


After all of these good points I have just made why am I still undecided on whether to buy this game? Well for one, I have been on a bad streak of buying games I end up not liking and it has made me start questioning if my taste has changed or is it a bit of high hopes from me and under performance from the games. Another reason I am a bit hesitant is because during the end of the Alpha Testing, I didn’t have an urge to play it. I think a BIG part of that missing urge was the fact it took forever to find a game and it wasn’t a guarantee once you got in you could play, due to crashes. So a part of me was like “What’s the point?”.  The last reason was because I have really grown to be a gamer that plays with friends. I used to be a real big solo gamer, no matter the game but now a days I know the fun I am missing by not playing with friends. My friends aren’t sold on this game and they weren’t in the Alpha so while they were online playing Overwatch and Rocket League I was by myself hoping to get a game or 2 out of For Honor.


The good news here is I (hopefully) don’t have to take a risk buying this game. The Closed Beta is set to go live January 26th-29th and I have already signed up to be a part of it. With all the new additions and updates they have made to the game since I have played I am hoping to get a close enough look as to what the game will be when released. I am hoping that joining games wont take ages and that there is a moment that happens when I realize that I DO or DON’T want this game because I really would hate to be heading into February unsure of it.

For Honor is probably the biggest game (for me) that will be released in 2017. There is nothing else I have seen that is a MUST HAVE for me, so if this game is a bust and I don’t like it then I literally will only have Rocket League & Overwatch (& maybe Power Rangers if that turns out to be great) for the next year.



One thought on “For Honor: To Buy Or Not To Buy

  1. For Honor is in my top 10 most anticipated games of the year to buy, but it’s no near the top for me. I do love the gameplay though. Valentine’s Day is going to be a good day for me. Marilyn Manson’s new album, and For Honor in the same day is going to be awesome.

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