Communication Is Key

Holy crap ladies and gentleman I can not believe what happened yesterday to my teammate and I while playing Overwatch.  If you remember, I posted an article about Overwatch asking the question “Is It Worth The Pain?” which went into detail about all the issues that are making me want to step away from Overwatch because people are ruining the game and in turn wasting my time (click on the link if you want to read more about it). So yesterday my teammate sends me a message that said “Want to have another shot at Overwatch?”, so I accepted the challenge and we had a rough start….

6 games we played during the day (might not seem like a lot but each game is about 20-30 mins each) and each one ended the same way they have been lately… Teams not playing together and toxic trolls throwing the game. You could say we just about had it and then something amazing happened. We are always in team chat for all of our games and out of all the games we have ever played we have come across almost NO ONE who communicates with a mic. After 6 straight losses we stuck GOLD! Not one, but TWO of our teammates were using team chat and the other 2 were listening to everything we had to say (we know this because when we would praise them for a good play on the mic or ask them to do something they would say “Thanks!” or “Understood!”).


In this game we went through the enemy team like a hot knife through butter, it was simply fantastic. But it wasn’t just the fact of winning so easily, it was the way we did it. Calling out plays, calling out enemy positions, calling out for heals, calling out Ults, everything! 6 strangers who had never met or played with one another before (besides my teammate and I) were in such a rhythm it was like opening my eyes to the game of Overwatch for the first time.

Now I don’t know if you have heard of Unit Lost before but it is a YouTube channel run by this guy named Stylosa (you can follow him on twitter here). I watch his videos pretty much daily for 2 reasons. 1) I love Overwatch & 2) His videos are top notch and the information he shares is like no other Overwatch Personality out there. One thing he always preaches is communication and positivity. I am no saint and sometimes I do get pissed off, especially with all the things I explained in my last article but while I understand what he is preaching I never had the experience of it happening right in front of me. I cant say I ever been apart of a team that worked like mine did last night. It was simply amazing!


We played about 6 or 7 games together last night and only lost one game, and it was a close one! The power of simply communicating is so underrated I honestly do not know WHY people choose not to. That experience from last night refueled my Overwatch tanks when just before it I was running on fumes. It is really is hard to put into words but all I can say is, if this is the way Overwatch was meant to be played, then I have been forced to play it the wrong way almost every single time I picked up the controller to play.

We all added each other as friends and hopefully we can all play together more often than not because I really don’t want to go back to dealing with the jerks that plague this community and the game itself. Like I said before, if you want to play solo, if you want to play just for the K/D ratio, “Im on a 5 player Kill Streak!”, that don’t really matter when your costing your team the game, you moron!”, then GO BACK to COD or CSGO or whatever the hell else selfish non team players play these days. Overwatch is a TEAM game and if you don’t get that then LEAVE!


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