WWE 2K17: My Experience

Welcome back for another entry of “My Experience” where I talk about my experience being hands on with some great, or not so great games. Today we will be talking about My Experience with WWE 2K17!

Back at the end of August (2016) I posted my last article of the year (and then took a long break to run my eSports Organization) and that article was “WWE 2K17: My Love Hate Relationship“. In that article, I described how I always buy the game and love it at first only to quickly become board of it, have it sit there or trade it in and then a year later get sucked back in to buying the next one. At the end of that article I said “I want to get this game and I probably will… but the real question here is…. will I regret it?”. Well I am here now to answer that question!

Oh You Didn’t Know?!

The biggest draw for me in any wrestling game is the Old-School wrestlers I grew up with. The Bret Harts, Shawn Michaels, Ultimate Warriors and so on. I love reliving or creating my own moments with these characters and every year I get the itch to do it again. This year was no different, the amount of old school wrestlers sucked me in and I paid up to game WWE 2K17.

My first experience was decent, I like the fighting system, the character models, the entrances, arenas, and all that. Everything in those departments are well done. They even took away the real-life images in the game so everything you see from a wrestler, whether it be loading screen, or character selection are all in game models. As little as it may seem, it does improve on the game. Universe mode is my go to when playing this game. I like to make the matches and set up PPV’s and play out years upon year as I run the whole show. Goldberg main eventing WrestleMania against the early 90’s Undertaker! Razor Ramon defending the Intercontinental Championship against AJ Styles! Ultimate Warrior vs Jake the Snake Roberts for the WWE Championship! I mean the list goes on and I created so damn good story lines and PPV’s. If I were to end it there, I would give WWE 2K17 a WHOLE PIZZA on the HSHG Rating system BUT sadly this isn’t where the story ends.

Universe Mode

There are some problems that come each year to WWE 2k and this year is the same, Career Mode is soooo slow and boring I just can’t put and value in playing it. Because I have never been good at creating real look alike wrestlers and I don’t care to make myself in game I haven’t even went in to Create a Wrestler (but I have edited many real wrestlers and that was good more or less). I NEVER play WWE 2K online as in years past showed me, it just isn’t a real wrestling experience. It is literally who ever can spam the best, wins. There is no real mode that is truly worth my time except Universe Mode… and man… the troubles.

I have sunk a good amount of time into Universe Mode as I mentioned above and even though I laid out some great moments, there were also a lot of mind numbing issues that literally made me stop playing the game. You can’t set up tournaments inside this mode, the Winner of the Royal Rumble has NEVER headlined WM automatically for me (I have always had to go in and edit matches to make it so). Have you ever played a Franchise in your favorite sports game and got about 2 maybe 3 years in and all of a sudden, a system error corrupts the file and you have to start all over again? Don’t you just lose all interest in the game at that point? This is what happened to me 3 times while playing universe mode. The first time it happened I was about 3 years in, 90’s Kane was Champion and was rolling through the competition. Was headed to WrestleMania in the next month when the game froze during the loading screen. I had to restart the game. I restarted Universe Mode only for it to freeze again, and again, and again… It was done. I had to start all over again… and so I did. A year and a half in the new Universe, I sim to the next PPV… it freezes. I restart, I sim again… it freezes… I try one more time… same result. I am now 2 months into the NEW NEW Universe Mode when the same issue that just happened happens again, and this time I am just done.

Now you may understand how frustrating it is for something not to work, but if you don’t know how long it takes to start a universe, you truly don’t understand. You must set up all the PPV’s that you want (and create them if needed), you must go and set each wrestler you want and select your favorite attire for them (and also create them if needed). You set up shows and Champions, tag teams and so on. It probably takes me about 30-45 minutes to set mine up before I play a single match. Then on top of that, because I have custom attires and custom arenas, the loading time in between matches is so aggravatingly long compared to a preset arena and wrestlers, I would estimate it is about a 3-minute difference.

In the end, you spend more time waiting and setting things up than playing the damn game and at the end you are met with a bug that kills the whole thing. So, when I said “I want to get this game and I probably will… but the real question here is…. will I regret it?” the answer is YES, I regret it! The bad outweighs the good here for me and compared to other games that use my time so much better I simply can’t look past this game and give it a high score. If you are playing a tournament mode or a one of match here and there, this game is good, but that’s not what I paid for and that’s why I am breaking the cycle right now.


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