My Necro Returns: My Thoughts

Welcome back for another entry of “My Thoughts” where I talk about what I have seen from a game (or in this case DLC) that is yet to release. Today I will be going over my thoughts on the new upcoming “Rise of the Necromancer pack, set to release in 2017”. Now I know I am late to discuss this (as I took a break to run my Rocket League Organization “Minor League Doubles” – but long time readers of KNOW that Diablo has been a BIG part of my life and the Necromancer is my favorite character of all time. So to NOT talk about this huge moment would be an injustice!

Back when this historic news was announced I thought it was a gag. I asked Blizzard, pleaded with Blizzard through tweets and past articles, to bring back the Necromancer and received no comment on anything I pushed their way. My initial thought was, “I’ll believe it when I see it” and sure enough I was gifted with the trailer:

To put it lightly, I went absolutely nuts! This game has been a better part of almost 20 years of my life and my fondest memories were from playing my Necromancer. Now just from the trailer alone I could not tell how similar this Necro would be to that of my Diablo 2 memories but with further research on Battle.Net, I found great info on what would be part of Diablo 3’s Necromancer.


For one (which I could of already guaranteed without even seeing it) we will be getting a female Necro. This will be a very welcomed addition as I tend to have 2 Necros (1 male and 1 female). Second, we got to see some of the abilities the Necro will have and THANK THE LORD (of Darkness) it is exactly as I had hoped! BONE SPEAR! RAISING SKELETONS (both Mages and Warriors) & CORPSE EXPLOSION! These 3 were staples in the Original Diablo 2 Necromancer and I am so happy to have them back. New abilities I find so awesome are “Siphon Blood” which looks like a form of life leech and “Blood Rush” which seems like a form of Demonic Teleportation!

I can already imagine the different forms of the Golem now. Maybe they will even have a Arcane Golem! That would be pretty sick! Trapping Elites in my Bone Prison and stopping on rushing hoards of enemies in their tracks with my Bone Wall then throwing some Curses on them and blasting them with my Bone Spear as my Skeletons wreak havoc and then…. Corpse Explosion! Oh my god, I can’t wait!

While I am excited for the abilities listed above, these aren’t the only abilities the Necro will have and I do have a wish list I hope Blizzard will end up fulfilling once the character is released. My wish list is as followed: Bone Wall/Prison, Bone Armor, Poison Nova, Clay/Iron/Fire/(Other Possible Forms of) Golem & Curses (Iron Maiden, Lower Resist & Decrepify). Some of these abilities don’t have to be an exact copy of the original, but having abilities with the same concept is what I am looking for.


I know what some are thinking and what some are already saying, “we already have the Witch Doctor, why have the Necro?” and to you I say this: Don’t you EVER compare the Necromancer to the Witch Doctor ever again. The Witch Doctor was a POOR attempt at replacing the Necro and everything the Witch Doctor is in Diablo 3 is a literal knock off of what the Necro was. Just think of the Necromancer from Diablo 2 as Assassins Creed 2 and the Witch Doctor as the Remastered Version for current systems, the Witch Doctor can kiss my ass.

I have fallen off of Diablo a bit in the past couple months, not because I don’t love the game (because I do) but because I have done pretty much everything there is to do. I come back every so often for some rift runs and if it has been longer than a month or two I will enjoy the story mode all over again. But knowing the Necro is coming I feel like maybe a long break leading up to the release and then experiencing it all together at once, as if I am playing the game for the first time all over again, would be the best thing ever. Honestly I have the itch to start up Diablo after I finish writing this article and hack and slash some demons! But… What if the game comes out next week? That experience will be some what dampened.

Now to my knowledge we still don’t know when the Necromancer will be released this year. Could be in a month, could be in 6 months (sooner than later, please Blizzard), but either way I know that I am one hell of an excited human right now and I can’t wait to jump back into Diablo 3 as the best character in Diablo history… the Necromancer!


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