Power Rangers Mega Battle: My Thoughts

Welcome back for another entry of “My Thoughts” where I talk about what I have seen from a game that is yet to release. Today I will be going over my thoughts on the new upcoming “Power Rangers Mega Battle” set to release Jan 2017. For those of you who haven’t seen the trailer, please take a moment to watch:

When this was announced late 2016 I was super excited because growing up in the 90’s there were 3 things I loved more than life, the Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters & the Power Rangers (the Original, once they went to “Zeo” or whatever the hell came next I was done). I have been wishing for a new Power Rangers game for a long time and when I seen the trailer I was really happy with what I saw.

The art style is pretty sweet, it isn’t to serious with the cartoonish look, but it isn’t to childish either. The beat-em up style seems to fit the direction of the game really well and the voices of the real rangers and other characters in game is a really nice touch. Fighting Rita’s monsters in ranger form and then transitioning to the Zords is something they got completely right here. However they don’t show any sign of using the Zords themselves only going straight to the Megazord. I mean I know in the show 99% of the time this is exactly what happened, but it would of been cool to play as each individual Zord.


They show off Lord Zedd during the ending of this trailer which is awesome and seeing as how he didn’t come until a bit later down the line I am hoping this means we will have a good amount of content in this game. After doing some light research online I came across some awesome info on gematsu.com where it listed the games features:

  • Classic Power Ranger DNA Intact: Morph, use weapons & martial arts, and summon the larger-than-life Megazord!
  • Intuitive and Deep Battle System: Includes light, heavy, weapon and projectile attacks. Players will be able to integrate weapon strikes into different combo strings!
  • Leveling and Customization: Players can level-up and unlock new moves, attacks and weapons.
  • Unlockable Characters: Unlock Tommy Oliver in his Green & White Ranger costumes as well as the human characters Rocky, Aisha, Adam & Kat from MMPR season 2!
  • Nostalgic: Each level is based on a classic episode from the TV series. The levels are filled with familiar dialogue, background details, cut scenes, and enemies pulled straight from the first two seasons of the show!


So the first thing I see is “Morph”. Does this mean we will be playing as the human characters and get to Morph at will? Or are their levels that are strictly just for the human characters and levels for the Power Rangers? I think it would be awesome if we were able to Morph at will, who hasn’t imagined they could do that, right?… Just me? Okay.

This sort of has a Turtles in Time look to it

We get the light, heavy, weapon and projectile attacks which is great, no one attack system here. We also get to perform combos which is pretty cool but they thing that excites me is “Players can level-up and unlock new moves, attacks and weapons”. I mean I don’t know exactly how the leveling system is going to work but if it is something that has substance, it is going to make this game even greater than it already seems to be.

I knew the Green Ranger was in this (because if he wasn’t people would of flipped) but to now know the White Ranger is also a part of this game is sweet. I personally am Team Green but I do like the White Ranger, 1 A & 1 B to be honest, so it will be really fun to play as both and relive my childhood love for the Power Rangers as “Each level is based on a classic episode from the TV series”.

So far I really really like everything I have seen from this game and I can honestly say I am seeing this getting a GOLD Pizza in the HalfShelledHero Ratings BUT there is TWO things that have got me worried and it has nothing to do with this game. Twice in 2016 I was let down massively by games made for my childhood heroes. The Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan was a real bummer and the Ghostbusters title was a damn disgrace to the franchise. Both games have ended up in a lot of “Worst Games of 2016” lists and to be fair, if I did such a list they would be on it.


I hope Power Rangers Mega Battle ends up being as fun and great as it looks because there are not many other games on my radar for 2017, so I am hoping to put this in my rotation along side Rocket League, Overwatch & Diablo. What do you think of this new Power Rangers game? Let me know in the comments below!


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