Disc Jam: My Experience

It was brought to my attention yesterday that a new game was sweeping the masses, it was “the new Rocket League” and this game is called Disc Jam! “Okay” I thought to myself as I was sent a alpha test code and downloaded the game. The NEW Rocket League I thought, wow okay, I remember the first time I played Rocket League and I was blown away. I was hooked from that very first game and now I run an eSports Organization for Rocket League. If this is what I am about to experience I am super excited to play this game. Disc Jam is installed, I click Play…. 25 minutes later I uninstalled Disc Jam.

Now let me just say I don’t think Disc Jam is a terrible game, but my reviews are always from MY EXPERIENCE, my opinions and what I thought of it. I am not one to tell you Disc Jam is the next coming of Christ simply because 10 other people told me the same thing. So again, I don’t think Disc Jam is a bad game I just feel like it lacked that special mechanic of freedom that Rocket League gives you. And it may not be fair to compare it to Rocket League but when this game was suggested to me, it was said to be the NEW Rocket League, so that is how I am judging this game.


Mind you this game is still in Alpha testing so things may very well change but to be on Rocket Leagues level Disc Jam is going to need a miracle to make me feel the way I do about RL. Graphics aren’t the only thing, but it is something and I need good graphics in a game. This doesn’t mean everything needs to look like it is in real life HD, but the art style has to be on point. Whether it is an 8 bit format, a cartoon style, or whatever they choose, it has to add to the game. When I look at Disc Jam I am more like “Eh” than anything else. When I looked through the character list, they had one that looked like a wrestler of sorts. He had some shades on, what looked like a wrestling belt and some wrestling boots, he also had tassels coming off his arms. They advertise “Customize Everything” but from what I saw, you just unlock a handful (5 or 6) of skins/costumes and none of them looked very appealing at all.


Add that to a game that is supposed to be a mix of air hockey and tennis… I don’t know. For one, I love hockey, I love air hockey, but this… this was not like air hockey to me. You could say that the hype of the game may have ruined my experience and you could be right. But I honestly did not enjoy myself when playing this game. You throw a disc back and forth, sliding around to catch it, or blocking it with a shield before it hits the ground or your end zone. The points didn’t make sense to me but I didn’t stick around long enough to understand it, so that’s on me. I played the tutorial and 2 games before I called it quits and for me this game is just doesn’t do it.

Maybe Disc Jam is just to early in development for me to actually enjoy it. This is why I am not going to give it a rating as it is unfinished. But all that I have seen put against all I have heard just does not make sense to me. It was even a bit boring to me, especially playing 1v1. But anyways have you played Disc Jam? Let me know what you think of it, Good, Bad or Indifferent!

For more on Disc Jam: http://www.highhorseentertainment.com/


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