WWE 2K17: My Love Hate Relationship

I know what you are thinking, “Are you kidding me? Wresting? It’s scripted! It’s boring! It sucks!” and to you I say: Yes it is scripted, but so is every TV show you watch and it was also scripted during the Attitude Era that everyone LOVED so damn much. So your argument is pointless. But it is boring and it does suck… now. I don’t watch wrestling now a days, I actually haven’t been a “real” fan for almost 20 years now. But where I get sucked back into the wrestling world is through the games and here is why.

I have a few friends who are wrestling fans so I know a bit more about Wrestling (these days) then I lead on, BUT for the most part I have ZERO interest in anything they are doing today. The games however give me what I want. They bring me back to moments I LOVED as a kid, they give me MY wrestlers, from MY day, like Bret Hitman Hart, Shawn Michaels, Ultimate Warrior, Rick Rude, Sting, Randy Savage, and so on! Back in the day when I used to watch these guys, I didn’t know it was “fake”, I didn’t know it was scripted, and I loved it!


So with WWE 2K17 I can take those guys, along with Earthquake and Typhoon, the Dudley Boyz, the Buschwhackers, Goldberg, Mr. Perfect, the British Bulldog, the BAD GUY Razor Ramon and MORE! Create MY OWN wrestling shows, my own ideas and create my own universe they way I feel wrestling should be! You can almost do ANYTHING you want in this game and for those of you that keep up with me, you know I LOVE to create. So these two aspects combined make me WANT THIS GAME.

However… my last few runs with WWE 2K has made me worry about my decision to “want’ this game. In the past I will get the game, play it non-stop for a month, maybe 2 and then I get bored of it. I stash it away in my collection with the idea that I will start over my universe once I get the game out of my system and ready to play again. That day never comes back…. until the next one is released. That is where I am at today. If I haven’t played a game for a couple months, I usually use it as extra trade in bonuses and WWE 2K has been in that position the past 2 years.

So is it worth it? Do I dare go another round with this game? The numbers of my type of wrestlers is really great, better than I have seen before. Though they only make up less than half of the games actual roster and that portion I will never use. I know you can create wrestlers they don’t have and the community is very skilled at this… but they don’t look as good as official characters and you cant add their real music and it just doesn’t do it for me. For instance, we have Billy Gunn in this game and in the last… but where the hell is Road Dogg? He wasn’t in the last one and I had to rely on community creations to make the New Age Outlaws… and it just wasn’t the same. However I do see the possibility of tagging Billy with JBL to make the Smoking Gunns. I know JBL wasn’t in it, but that’s a better option for me than having a community creation.


I honestly love what 2K has done with the gameplay, making it a sim rather than an arcade game. But sometimes it just takes FOREVER. There are times when you would love to play the whole Monday Night Raw or PPV Event, but it will take you a long time to play each and every match. I like to see results, I like to move things along and sometimes I feel like I am just wasting time playing more than 1 or 2 matches a month. But I love to see what happens, who wins and who losses and sometimes I lose interest real quick because the computer will have the same guys fight over and over. I manually will have to go in and change feuds and title matches because HHH is on his 5th PPV main event for the title, its like come now!

The same goes for the weekly shows! If the main event at the next PPV is Stone Cold vs the Rock for whatever title…   Every RAW until then will be Stone Cold vs the Rock. Why?… It is pointless and their “story mode” adaptions to the game mode repeats itself more often than not and are usually only a 5 second addition to the match so you are just constantly playing the same match over and over. That is why I usually sim the weekly shows and play a few of the matches in each PPV, which make the months go by like days.

Maybe its just me, maybe I am to picky about this. The fact remains, I want to get this game and I probably will… but the real question here is…. will I regret it?


3 thoughts on “WWE 2K17: My Love Hate Relationship

  1. For me the hey day of the wrestling games was the N64 era, which culminated with the fantastic WWF No Mercy. Me and a flat mate went halves on WWE 12/13 (can’t remember which one) and while we enjoy matching up against each other and creating our own fighters, I found some elements of the game a bit forced, particularly the story mode, which had scripted events, which basically meant what you did had very little effect as you were following a particular story/set of events. Since then I have not been interested in any future games. For me I don’t think No Mercy will ever be bested.

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    1. I actually didn’t really play No Mercy but I know it is loved. To be fair, WWE 12 was probably one of the worst games and 13 was the last edition before 2K took it over.

      I am hoping in 2K’s 4th installment they will have me pleasantly surprised. Though I can already say in my opinion, they have done a better job than THQ ever did…. I really disliked THQ lol.

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