For Honor: The Game I Can’t Wait For!

I have been tracking For Honor for about a year and a half now and I honestly cant wait for this game to release on February 14, 2017! If you don’t know what For Honor is all about please keep your eyes locked in on because I am about to explain ALL that makes me excited for this game!

I have been wanting to talk about this game for a long time now and I keep telling myself to wait, but they more I see from Gamescom the more I can’t help myself from wanting to yell to the world “IF YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT FOR HONOR, YOU MUST!!!”. So today is that day I want to try and show people how great this game looks to be! As always before I get into the fun details, take a look at this trailer that gives you a look into the world of For Honor:

So For Honor pits 3 generations of warriors against each other in war! The most famous warriors from our history battling to the death! You have the Samurai with its 4 different classes:


The Vikings and their 4 different classes:


And finally my favorite, the Knight and their 4 classes:


The Warden, the Conqueror and the Lawbringer look SO AWESOME! But honestly so does every other class in each Faction. The Raider and Berserker from the Vikings look badass and the Orochi and Shugoki look deadly! Just looking at these images gets me so anxious to get my hands on this game!

What you see in this trailer is basically an introduction to the Factions as I just explained, so you see a bunch of 1 on 1 combat. What you don’t see in this trailer is how the game actually plays and the objective you must complete. In this game you will take control of ONE of these classes and fight in a war to take control of 3 points on the map. You gain points during the match for controlling points and you KILL as much as possible. Talking about it doesn’t do it justice, so watch this:

So after watching that video you get a GREAT sense of what For Honor is all about! You saw battles going on in the middle of tons of other battles, you saw 2 v 1’s, you saw the “Revenge” system that helps you out if you are able to stay alive when outnumbered, you saw some of the Combos what certain classes have, you heard them talk about EVERY CLASS BEING CUSTOMIZABLE! I LOVE to customize so knowing that I can make my favorite heroes look the way I want them to look is SO AWESOME to me!

If you haven’t been keeping up with For Honor, you may be asking yourself “what was with the R (right stick button) and the 3 arrow overlay during combat?”. You obviously assume it has to do with the combat itself and you are correct. To better understand the combat system check out this video (I couldn’t find Ubisoft’s official video for this so just bare with me on this one):

So in short, there are 3 stances and you want to use the same stance as your enemy to block their attack, and a different stance than your enemy if you want to land a attack. This will obviously be harder to do than this tutorial has shown and that’s good because otherwise it wouldn’t be fun to learn or master.

The controls looks awesome, the graphics look amazing, I LOVE this type of Medieval, Knights, castles, war type of stuff. Part of the reason I LOVE Diablo so much, and other games like it. Knowing that I am going to be a Lawbringer, fully customized, standing in the middle of a war between 2 teams and knowing that I am going to be forcing my halberd into my enemies, helping my teammates capture the battleground… I can hardly contain myself! I have been signed up for the Alpha testing for quite some time and hopefully I will be chosen when it comes around in September. If I am, you know I will be giving you guys the scoop on My Experience.

If you guys are hooked now, just like I am, here is a 10 min video from IGN at Gamescom of JUST GAMEPLAY, no more talking. Just 1 game from start to finish! I hope you like it!


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