My Pokemon Go Adventure: Part One

Pokemon Go has been out for a bit now and while I feel my journey hasn’t been as “spectacular” as others, I think it deserves its own story. I also wanted to go over my experience with Pokemon Go thus far, what I wish they had and where I can see them improving. So without further delay, here is the start of my adventure!

When I heard about Pokemon Go (way before it was actually released) I was really excited for the game. I had grown up on Pokemon, my parents introduced me to the Card Game before I even knew what Pokemon was and then I was hooked. From the Card Game to the TV Show (I didn’t have a Gameboy so I couldn’t play the actual game) and I played and collected Pokemon for years. I still play Pokemon in TCG form Online and on my 2DS so like I said I was really excited to see what this game would be all about.


I got the game as soon as it hit the App Store and read some reviews that weren’t at all good. I played it anyways, as I have learned in life, you really don’t know until you see or do it yourself. I chose my starter Pokemon and it is Charmander! I couldn’t wait to level him up, we were going to be the BEST in the world! I was hoping you would have to use your Pokemon to fight Wild Pokemon so 1) you could LvL up your current Pokemon while 2) catching more Pokemon (just like in the actual game/show). This sadly wasn’t the case, you just simply throw a Pokeball at the Wild Pokemon and you have a certain chance to catch them. I was bummed but I grew to be okay with the concept and kept on going.

I caught a few more Pokemon, like a Rattata and a Pidgey and I collected enough stardust from catching other Pokemon to power my Charmander, or so I thought. I soon realized that I needed to catch more Charmander’s to collect more Charmander Candy to power up and/or evolve my Charmander… and seeing as how I have never seen another Charmander around, my hopes of a Charizard went right out the window. Again I was bummed, but hey there are tons more Pokemon out there so maybe, just maybe, I can be something good!

As I kept collecting, I found myself a good amount of Eevee’s among others and I really began to enjoy the thrill of looking for and catching Pokemon. I finally hit LvL 5 and I was able to choose my team, I almost chose Team Instinct BUT Team Valor was just calling my name. I read a bunch of reviews about many people not having Pokestop’s and/or Gym’s around them and it made me feel lucky because there are 5 Pokestops within a 15 minute walk from me and 3 of them being a 3-5 minute walk from my house, so I can grab about 10 Pokeballs on my way there and then 10 on my way back (after waiting a few minutes).  There are also 2 different Gym’s with in the same distance from my house, so when I am ready to battle I can surely do so.


I haven’t battled yet, as my Pokemon are still growing, but from what I’ve seen I am a bit disappointing that it is just a “tap, tap, tap, tap” mechanic and not a real Pokemon battle. There is also a time limit as well? I am not 100% sure on how this works but from what I see, I don’t like it. As all of you know, they took the tracking system down and shut down 3rd party apps like Pokevision so that is another thing that is bumming me out about this game.

My fiancee is playing the game with me now and we take time out every Sunday and go on a “Pokemon Adventure”. We grab a backpack full of water, some extra cash, and we go on a 2-3 hour walk using our incense and stop for a slice of Pizza for lunch. Last week we were on the hunt for a Tauros and a Squirtle, we searched for them for hours with no luck. Yesterday I used my Lure (which I got from achieving LvL 8) and with our incense also going we were both able to catch a Tauros, but I was the only one to catch the Squirtle! She was mad but to be fair she caught I Psyduck that never showed up for me, but I think I got the better of the two lol. We have a lot of fun and get good exercise (minus the Pizza xD).

My Pokemon So Far

These are my Pokemon so far, I know they are all pretty week but I really only go out once a week to play (or if I go out somewhere and I AM NOT THE ONE DRIVING). People complain about seeing Rattata’s and Pidgey’s all the time and so far they have popped up for me 24 times combined (14 Pidgey, 10 Rattata). That is a lot seeing how every other Pokemon has popped up no more than 3 times…. with exception to my MOST seen Pokemon. If you live around my parts of town Drowzee is the most annoying thing ever!! It has popped up 22 times thus far! Granted, if this was a Charmander I would be over the moon about this “problem” but I already have a Hypno and I dont know if I really want to spend most of my stardust and ALL those Drowzee Candies on it … Maybe I will… I don’t know lol.

But even with ALL that bumness I talked about earlier, I still really enjoy the game and I can honestly see how GREAT this game can be IF they don’t screw it up. I have heard that they are bringing in Trading, Battles, and of course bringing back the tracking system. Add those elements with the release of 2nd Gen Pokemon and Pokemon Go will be A LOT better off than it is right now. I would LOVE for them to allow our Pokemon to LvL up when battling, so I can have SOME WAY to get my beloved Charmander some XP and possibly evolve him at some point. I don’t know if that is in the plans for battling but I certainly hope so. I also believe if they swapped their current battling system with that of the games, it would go over SO MUCH BETTER.


One final addition I would really like them to add, is a 8 Pokemon Gyms that are not run by other players but are run by a AI Gym Leader and a couple (2-5) other AI trainers that give you a “Badge” for defeating that Gym. The Badge will be added to your Pokedex and you will also be sent a real life Badge through the mail as a trophy for your hard work and love of the game. Have the 8 Gyms scattered all over the country (the same 8 Gyms in each country) so people really have to travel to collect all 8. If they do collect all of them, then they should be rewarded with an invitation to the Pokemon League. Make the Pokemon League an eSports event for a huge cash prize or something like that. This could be HUGE!

But as awesome as it sounds, we are where we are and we can only hope that we get these amazing features in the future. My Pokemon Go Adventure will continue and I will bring you Part Two once I have journeyed a bit further in my quest to be the best!

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