Ghostbusters (The Game 2016): My Experience

Growing up there were two figures close to my heart (and still to this day), the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & the Ghostbusters! So when I seen that a NEW Ghostbusters game was coming out I was naturally excited. I wrote about my expectations in a PREVIOUS article and mentioned how it looked just like Sanctum of Slime which was a “okay” game for cheap. I was looking for a good game here and and my expectations were HIGH!

So at first glance I was okay with the NEW characters for the game. I liked how they had different proton weapons like the machine gun, rifle, shotgun, & double pistol. Of course you would have to switch to the original proton wand to catch the ghosts and that was fun. You also got to use the PKE but it was sort of almost useless, though they tried. To my dislike, this game was almost an exact replica of Sanctum of Slime. From the way it played to the way it looked, even some of the ghosts were the same, like the flying, flaming skulls.


The LvL’s however did last a good amount of time, roughly anywhere from 30-45 minutes a LvL. At first I was like “Okay, I like that. This game will have substance”, but after playing about 4-5 LvL’s it was apparent that this game was not going to get better. It become SO repetitive! You will face the same type of ghost but with a different skin! For example the flying, flaming skulls turn into flying, flaming books… same mechanics, same movement, different look. The LvL’s will look different but you are essentially doing the same thing over and over and over.


After a while it was hard to go back to and finish because what is the point? Besides the bosses, you aren’t going to see anything different, or experience anything cool or awesome. It just makes the game uninteresting. ON TOP OF THAT the character dialog is SO bad… real bad. It is so cringe worthy and hard to take it just makes the whole “Ghostbusters” feel out of the game. But they DO offer the Original Ghostbusters gear as DLC and that wouldn’t be so bad but for this entire game… it cost $60! I was literally expecting this game to be around $30 and I was surprised at the price but I was hopeful and took the chance… I really shouldn’t have.

I hate to do this to one of my beloved franchises of all time but it gets the lowest rating that I have here on HalfShelledHero Gaming. Nothing about this game besides the Awesome Ghostbusters theme song in the menu and the Ghostbusters name, is Ghostbusters. It just isn’t. This game should be $15-$20 with FREE DLC at best. The BEST Ghostbusters game to date is still the 2009 installment and its the best by a long shot. They seriously NEED to convert it on to the PS4, remaster it and resell it because it would sell like hot cakes!


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