Good VS Evil: Online Gaming

So this is something I have talked about here and there throughout my time covering games and today it just something I need to get off my chest, so bare with me here. Online gaming is probably the greatest thing to ever happen to the industry and through all the good that has come of it, there has been and still is a lingering bad taste in the mouth of the good people in the gaming world because of the classless, ignorant, childish behaviors of the other half online.

Before I continue with my rant, this goes for the entire internet as a whole and every online game out there, but I will be speaking specifically about Rocket League as that has been where my Online Gaming time has been mostly spent over the last year.

People like to say the “Rocket League Community” is large and good and that there are the small group of “people who play Rocket League (outside of the community) who are the problem. I have been fed that line quite a few times and I understand people trying to protect their own but honestly that line is complete garbage. The Rocket League Community is small compared to the amount of scumbags that play the game.

If you go and play… say 15 competitive games online of Rocket League you will see more than half of those games will involve those classless, ignorant, childish, toxic players we all hate. Last night a buddy and I wanted to enjoy a session of Rocket League, I forget how many games we played, probably in the 10-15 range but we played this game against these 2 players that exemplified what it meant to be great players and human beings. We went the whole 5 minutes PLUS 2 and a half minutes into OT and they were a class act. Very kind, “professional” but still competitive and THAT is what it is all about. We exchanged GG’s and had a great time.

THE VERY NEXT GAME we experienced the complete opposite! Two players that exemplified what it is to be the biggest scumbags online. I don’t know about you but when I play with friends sometimes we get into conversations that take your primary focus off the game. Well in this game that is what happened, we were talking about life and what not and we made 2 quick flubs and went down 2-0. Well after the second goal was scored 1 guy on the other team started with the “What A Save!” spam and added a “HAHAHAHA” and a “REKT REKT REKT REKT ect” among other things. If you are a classless scumbag, this is how you respond when you take a lead.

So we take notice and get our heads in the game, we close it to 2-1 but even though we scored the other team is still name calling and talking trash like the toxic p.o.s. they are. Guess what? 2-2 now, 2 goals in under 20 seconds, they go quiet. 3-2 us, and they still don’t say a word, we mimic their trash talk to make a point. 4-2 now and OH… they forfeit and not only that THEY LEAVE ASAP so they don’t have to get the backlash! What a wonderful feeling it was to shut them up. My buddy private messages the more vocal one and says “learn some respect” and he replies “HAHAHA LEAVE”… Leave what? We go on to play a few more matches with a few more scumbags (but not as bad as them) and we get into our conversation again. We get put into Wasteland and are just going through the motions, there was about 1:15 left in the game when we went down 2-0 and guess what was said? “What A Save!” spam, added a “HAHAHAHA” and a “REKT REKT REKT REKT ect” among other things.

Yup! The same jackasses from that wonderful game before. We didn’t even know it was them the entire game. But once we did we came back, down 3-2 and we miss the tying goal by inches as the final seconds ticked off and as they won they went all out… “terrible terrible players”, “HAHAHAHAHA REKT”, “You guys suck!”, and so on… So… you forfeiting the last game after being down only 2 and then barely winning by 1 makes us suck and you guys the best players in the world? Right…

The BEST of Online Gaming and the WORST all in one night. I just don’t understand why the good people in the world have to put up and deal with the toxic, classless, behavior and actions of the scum that walks this earth. Not just in gaming, but in every part of life, it is like this everywhere you go! In the end the GOOD PEOPLE ALWAYS LOSE, the GOOD PEOPLE ALWAYS GET HURT, the GOOD PEOPLE ALWAYS HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM, not the other way around and I am sick of it.

For those of us who try to ignore it, we just get hurt by its annoyance and it makes us give up something we love. For those of us who fight back, we feed them and we start to slowly turn to the dark side as well as we start seeing almost everyone as scum and we act accordingly which in turn makes us the very evil we were fighting against. It is just hard for me to realize that life in all aspects is not fair… even when it isn’t warranted good people get punished and suffer because of those who choose to create chaos and heartbreak.

When will it stop?


5 thoughts on “Good VS Evil: Online Gaming

  1. I can’t help but think there has to be a way to take a stand. To somehow lead by example and show the scumbags of the internet the light. But how to make an impact based on 5 mins of game time? How do you reach out to a faceless, anonymous person intent on spouting such toxic behavior?

    I wonder if the real questions are how did this all come to be…why do so many people decide to go down this road of trash talk, degrading, blaming, etc. How does a sense of sportsmanship or humility in victory/defeat not carry over to video games?

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    1. I guess it’s partly a case of anonymity; people can act more “rebellious” aka like douchebags because you/no one knows who they are. Couple this with a competitive element and it becomes a melting pot for unsportsmanlike like conduct and trash talk. Best way to deal with them in my opinion is try beat them on the pitch and if you don’t have the dignity to say well played, etc… Easier said than done though with some of the idiots I have encountered

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      1. I agree that the anonymity places a big role in it. The ability to say anything without consequence makes it so easy.
        They don’t make it easy to take the high road that is for sure haha

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      2. I know it’s easier to say “ignore them” than to actually do it. Like you guys said, they make it hard. The thing is, I can deal with 1 set of jerks, maybe even 2, but when it is more games than not of just random idiots/scumbags/toxic players one day after another at one point it just gets to much and my “to much” was about 3 years ago lol. In my opinion, I think we need to have more in depth accounts (to know more about that person) so that account is literally linked to that person. Couple that with a well oiled report system, not from each game, but of PlayStation (or Xbox or Steam) themselves, so a UNIVERSAL report system if you will. This way people will think twice about acting like scumbags because if they are found guilty they will get punished by losing online features for various times and or a permanent online ban. Without the option to just create another account I bet people would check themselves at the sign on screen.


      3. It all comes down to the carrot or the stick and how to use both to incentivise people to be better gamers. I agree the way things are currently setup there is little to no repercussions for toxic players, it is simply too easy to either create a new account or just not get reported at all. The reporting system always seems to be the last thing put into a game and a lot of times is the least polished sadly. I wish studios would realize that allowing a toxic community or player base to grow and spread is the fastest way to drive away players…

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