Neverwinter: My Experience

I have had the chance to play Neverwinter over about the last week and I have mixed feelings about the game. I feel like there are some good moments and then there are some low points as well that some may not be able to get over. So let me explain how my experience was with Neverwinter.

A friend told be about the game Neverwinter and from the trailer it looked like many other dungeon crawler games I have played before like Dungeon Siege & Guild Wars. Seeing the similarities I was naturally intrigued, especially since it was free. I played a good amount of time alone and with friends and while it was fun at times, it is also VERY boring for the majority of times.While it is true it is very similar to the games above (which I liked), this game doesn’t really have anything that stands out to me to make it unique.

I created 3 different characters (1 of which I had to delete because you NEED to pay for a 3rd character slot. You may say “they need to make their money some how”, but if you have seen ALL THE THINGS you need to pay for, I think you would see my problem) and the highest I have gotten to this point is about LvL 22. With the time I put into those 3 characters, I probably would have a decent feel good character in Marvel Heroes 2016 or Diablo 2/3 WITH MUCH BETTER LOOT.

Probably the BIGGEST thing that irks me about this game (besides it getting boring and feeling like your are actually wasting time) is its loot and the look of said loot. EVERYONE loves to get loot, but NO ONE loves to keep getting loot for other characters, for which YOUR character cant use at all. In similar games, 70%-90% of the loot that drops is meant for the character that you are using, even if half of it is something weak. In Neverwinter 95% of everything that drops is some little trinket that you only use to sell or it is equipment/armor etc. that is meant for another character and you cant use it. It becomes very frustrating, and to top it all off 60% of the items you find ALL LOOK THE SAME!

If you have played Diablo you know even if there are 6-8 of the same character in the same game you will ALL look different in most ways. NOT in Neverwinter! Even the HIGHEST LvL’s that I had seen, have looked pretty much the same as my 22 character of the same race/skill.That isn’t fun to me, I like to find NEW items that make me LOOK DIFFERENT from everyone else, it makes it feel UNIQUE. I don’t get that from this game and it really puts me off. But if it really bothers you like it does me, you can go spend REAL money to look different, HELL  you could even go spend $20 to ride a damn bear… that is cool and all… but no.

Another thing that rubs me the wrong way is the skill tree/stat system. It is really confusing for new players and also kind of stupid. To go on to the higher LvL skills you NEED to reach a certain LvL PLUS spend that many skill points… so in other words YOU CAN NOT SAVE POINTS TO ADD TO HIGHER LVL’D SKILLS, YOU HAVE TO SPEND THEM EVEN IF IT MEANS PUTTING THEM TO A SKILL YOU DON’T WANT OR USE! That is just ridiculous to me, and honestly its the last straw.

While the game play and quest system mimics that of previous similar games, Neverwinter just does not do it for me at all. The whole time I played it, ALL I kept thinking was “why don’t I just play Diablo?” and it is true, it is 1000x better and 1000x more fun.

My Rating:


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