Nintendo 2DS: My Experience

People who know me know that I am not a fan of the handheld systems. I think it is mainly due to the fact that there aren’t that many popular titles and I am a bit of a graphics whore. There is a lot of factors that go into my experience with the Nintendo 2DS so lets start at the very beginning.

Growing up I never had my own handheld device and EVERYONE had a Gameboy at the time (the original Gameboy). I remember my 3 cousins playing Pokemon in the backyard one day, each having one of the different color games (Red, Blue, & Yellow). As the years past the Gameboy evolved and I never got the chance to own one. However, about 6 or 7 years ago, I did get my chance to own a handheld system in the PSP, I am and was a Playstation guy and it was FREE so I gave it my best shot… it didn’t go so well. In fact, I hated the damn thing, I couldn’t stand it. The titles sucked the graphics were horrible and the battery on the system was complete garbage.

I gave up on the whole handheld dream until I was wasting time one day at a GameStop near my job (at the time). The had a Nintendo 3DS and it was playing the NEW Super Mario Bros, and for anyone who doesn’t know, I love Mario games (& Pokemon) so I was having a blast playing the 3DS on my lunch break. I then went and got myself the 3DS and that same Mario game.

For the first few days it was AWESOME! But then I beat the Mario game… and I had nothing else. I returned to GameStop looking for new titles but the rack they had was about the size of a one pane window with a poor selection. The new Pokemon games wasn’t going to be released for a couple of months and nothing else great was coming out anytime soon. The 3D aspect also kind hurt my eyes so I never really had it on. Man I should of looked more into this before I bought it. After about a month of not playing it, I returned it to GameStop for less than half of what I bought it for and moved on.

So its been about 3 years or so from my “3DS Days” and I am about to be married, also traveling for my honeymoon. I am not a big mobile gaming guy so I was thinking what can I use on a plane or in situations where I am going to be waiting a while? A Gameboy! Maybe I will just get an old one to play older games. I don’t know why, but my first instinct was to go to and what I found there was the 2DS, with a cool look and IT PLAYS OLD GAMES! Like Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow! Even NES Games and SNES Games I grew up with like Super Mario Bros 3 & Super Mario World!

I start looking at reviews and other titles the system has and I find there is a current bundle for the 2DS AND Mario Kart 7 for $80! PLUS the old games I mentioned were between $5-$10! I was sold! So I bought the 2DS with the Free Mario Kart and ALSO picked up my first ever owned Pokemon game, Pokemon Omega Red! I have been playing the system ever since, the design is great the graphics are actually really decent and the older games play great on the system!

I honestly feel like I am that kid again watching my cousins play Pokemon, but this time I get to play and play I have. The 2DS feels great in your hand, its not awkward (like the 3DS felt) and I don’t have to flip open or shut the system, there is a convenient little “Sleep” slider switch right at the bottom right of the system that I use as soon as I am done with it and the battery lasts a pretty long time which will be great when I am away!

I do have a small issue with there being no old TMNT games like Turtles In Time or anything like that. I would of even loved the Original NES game on there but there was nothing to be found.   The PlayStation 4 and PC are still my main gaming systems but the Nintendo 2DS is a GREAT side system for those days you want to change it up a bit, or those nights you cant sleep and don’t want to wake your other half.

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3 thoughts on “Nintendo 2DS: My Experience

  1. I thought about getting a 2DS but with the rumours circulating around the NX I am going to wait and see what happens there. I’m not a massive mobile gamer either every time I got a handheld I usually get bored after a few months

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