Pokemon TCGO: Best Online TCG Out There!

Around the same time I was playing the Marvel Heroes Beta I was also playing the Pokemon TCGO Beta (I even have the Pokemon TCGO Beta Card Box to prove it!) and since then, this game has just taken Online Trading Card Games to the next level! I have played many card games in my day, from Pokemon, to Yu-Gi-Oh, to Magic the Gathering and I like them all for different reasons. If I had to choose which is my favorite game outright, it would be Magic but even still, I would MUCH rather play Pokemon TCGO because none of them can compare to the awesomeness and fun that this game delivers, not even a little bit.

Like Marvel Heroes I have played this game off and on for the last 4 years, every time I come back, it is like a whole new world. I remember when I was in elementary school and my parents bought me my first pack of Pokemon cards. I didn’t even know what Pokemon was at the time, (my parents were the cool ones lol) but as soon as I opened that pack, I was hooked! This game brings back those feeling I had oh so long ago, and then elevates them to NEW heights! But before I get into the game why don’t you take a look at this trailer straight from Pokemon themselves!

Do you see that action? The intensity? The PURE Fun?! Pokemon Go is cool and all, but it doesn’t compare to level that Pokemon TCGO is on. Want to know something truly fantastic? All that sweetness you just sunk your teeth into a moment ago… is FREE! Sure you can spend some cash and buy some packs online (you could also go buy REAL packs of cards and you get a ONLINE PACK FREE!) BUT you don’t have to!  YOU start off with FREE starter decks where you can climb the ranks against the computer (on 3 different difficulty levels) or play against others online, both will earn you coins for every match you play and once you have enough coins you can redeem them for a pack or a deck of cards… FREE!

Collect them all!

Build your collection of cards, decks, sleeves and coins! You can even collect items for your custom avatar! Take pieces from starter decks (and or other decks you have collected) and build your own custom deck! The possibilities are honestly endless! Do you have some cards you have collected that you know you aren’t going to use? Put em up for trade! Or just check the trade block for what others are looking for and make the deal. I have managed to get amazing deals trading away cards I know I wasn’t going to use and in turn my collection and decks got stronger!

There will ALWAYS be a trade out there for YOU!

Once you have the perfect deck constructed and ready to roll, keep on battling! Enter tournaments, complete the daily challenges, level up! There is nothing more amazing than seeing your time and effort be rewarded when your Pokemon just go lights on and start stacking wins! The more you WIN the more you EARN! The more you EARN the more you can COLLECT! The more you COLLECT the more you WIN! It comes full circle and the fun never stops.

The battles are simply amazing!

The effects in game are stunning, it is the most beautiful card I have ever played… hands down. The more damage a Pokemon does the BIGGER the effect is. Really, EVERYTHING has an effect, from the card shuffling, to the special effects (paralyzed, poisoned, sleeping, etc.) to the evolutions. When your Pokemon “packs a punch” you can see and feel it! I am telling you this right here and now, if you even like Pokemon a little bit (which I know there are a LOT of you out there), YOU WILL LOVE THIS GAME! I LOVE to sit down after a long stressful day with an COLD Iced Tea, put my feet up and just relax and play and honestly it couldn’t get any better.

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