The Most Underrated YouTuber YOU Should Be Watching

His name is Adam Olinger and he is a delight! Nay, a godsend! His show “Feud Nation” is one of maybe a handful of channels that are actually good. Don’t take my word for it, check out one of his recent videos feuding the Independence Day Movies.

*Clap, Clap, Clap* The show from start to finish is top notch. This isn’t just some dude sitting in front of his computer camera rambling on about this movie and that movie. Adam lays down the facts, he gives his opinions in a way that is respectable and in most ways, funny. He talks about comic book movies, Disney movies, popular movies, Movie Trailers, Video Games and more. I enjoy his Feuds, but his “Adam Rants” videos are especially funny to me. One of my favorites is his Fanboy Rant :

“You wont believe what your husband just said with 100% legitimacy” haha, cracks me up every time. I have been a fan of his for a while now, and I wanted to shout him out on twitter and show my support, by which he thanked me for, which was awesome. But at that moment I realized something I hadn’t before, Feud Nation has only about 500 followers! I go to check his Subs on YT and he has a bit more than 33K… Wait a minute here…. Hold the phone! Shut your face grandma! You’re telling me that Adam and his extremely great, informative, humorous show in which there is no plagiarism involved is less watchable than this scumbag?


Yeah I know they are two different types of YouTube channels, it doesn’t matter, you could spin yourself around, stop a thousand times and point in any direction and pick out some shit channel that has double, triple, quadruple the subscribers that Adam has.  What does it take to get people to subscribe? Not a whole fucking lot if these brainless, no content bearing, jackass shit channels get the subs by the dozen. But if that’s the case, then why hasn’t Adam had his time to shine?

You can tell in his videos that he puts the time and effort into each and everyone of his videos and they come out great. Its time for people to start recognizing him, because I honestly feel like Adam and Feud Nation has been flying under the radar for far to long. Lets stop worrying what type of candy or food variation someone is shoving into their pie hole on camera or what 2 YouTubers had a hissy fit today and who called who out. Lets focus on the REAL talents, the REAL objective of YouTube.

Feud Nation is a great show hosted by a great and funny talented dude. Maybe it is because I know the struggle, I relate to his story. Working so hard to make things happen, but no matter how hard you work or how great something tends to be, NO ONE wants to give you your due. I have had some opportunities in the past year that has me seeing a light at the end of this tunnel (hopefully) and I want to do what I can to get Adam to where he wants to be.

His video above “How Do I Get Noticed On YouTube” got to me. I literally see and feel his frustration. I know the struggle of having so many questions, but never finding the answers, and it really sucks. Do I personally know him? No. But do I have to in order to want to help him? I have started leaving a link to Feud Nation’s YT Channel at the bottom of my articles, I get about 60 plus views a week, its shit I know. I am a Graphic Designer, I write for fun so back off. But if half of those viewers go and become fans of Adam’s and Feud Nation than I will sleep better knowing I did what I could.

So if you are reading this and like the videos I posted above head on over to Feud Nation’s YT, Twitter, & Facebook and Subscribe, Follow, and Like! Remember this is more than just reviews…this is Movie Feuds!

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