7 Days To Die: My Experience

I didn’t hear about “7 Days To Die” until a day before I purchased it. A friend of mine (The Gaming Bear) asked myself and our mutual good friend (Lok) if we were interested in getting it so we could all play together. I took a look at the trailer and I wasn’t impressed. I know graphics aren’t everything, BUT I do appreciate and look forward to a beautiful game.

I was on the fence about getting it, but the other 2 seemed like they were leaning towards yes so I said “what the hell, why not” and bought the game. It helped that I was super pissed about Overwatch, hate their competitive play, but that’s another story. At $30 I thought the game was WAY over priced. I never played Minecraft and getting myself scared is something I tend to shy away from. Needless to say I did not have high hopes for this game… not one bit.

We all started a game together and slowly we started to learn how to do things but it was still a bit difficult. We kept dying of thrust and hunger, bleeding out from being attacked, living in a run down 1 room log cabin that the 3 of us could barely be in together. Eventually we gathered some supplies, created a second floor to the cabin, even created a level on the roof! Wow, okay this game is starting to grow on me.

Gaming Bear creates a “watchtower” a bit away from the house and things are stating to look real good. We hit the 7th night, its just myself and Lok & all hell breaks loose. They break threw our weak defenses and are in the house. We block of the makeshift stairs to the second level and spend the night on the roof.

Come morning we make out way to the ground and take out the zombies.I think to myself “Hey that wasn’t so bad. They got in but we survived”. I go to the front of the house to run down a Zombie and I find this HUGE hole in our house! “Damn, we are going to need to repair quite a bit” I said to Lok, and then I ran to the back of the house to finish killing the Zombie. “The house is falling apart!” Lok yells.”Ya I know, I saw the hole”I said to Lok. “NO! The house is falling apart!” Lok yelled again. I run to the front to see all our work coming crumbling down. The roof, the second floor, all gone. Not much was standing after our attack, even our chest with materials and supplies were destroyed and long gone. As I wondered what our next step was, I stepped on a mine we had laid down and was sent to respawn miles away (now that my bed which I laid in the house, which lets you respawn at that location) was destroyed.

We had nothing, literally just the clothes on our backs. As I was making my way back to Lok, I had passed a church. “This may make a good place to stay” I said to Lok, so after meeting up we made our way there. I just noticed something… I am hooked!! I cant stop playing this game! The graphics don’t even phase me, they are perfectly fine to me now!

We are headed into our 50th day,that church I mentioned before, is now a fortress! We have had many Zombie attacks, but the Church and ourselves still stand tall! Our skills are far better, our resources are far better, our weapons are far better! It is just so damn fun and exciting to see where we have started, where we are now and our hopes to where we will be in 50 more days!

We have all shared many laughs together over this game, from accidentally killing ourselves with our own explosives and those damn wooden spikes! We have literally died more times due to wooden spikes then Zombie attacks. It is so frustratingly hilarious! One time Bear wanted to mine for iron and lead. This goof digs completely directly down and went so far down he could not get back up!! Hahaha, myself and Lok had to dig for an entire day, with the help of TNT I might add to free Bear of his own prison! One of the funniest things to have happened.

Late night waits in the church have led to surprise attacks on one another, which would probably tally as the second leading killer in the game next to Accidental Deaths. This game is just a blast to play. I originally thought this game was way over priced but I have got my monies worth and then some! We are FAR from done, there is so much to do and to find and it is going to be an awesome experience!

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