Mighty No.9: My Experience

I heard about Mighty No.9 a couple years back and I was pretty excited for it. Through its many delays I sort of stopped keeping up with it and only knew it was released the day after it did because of all the complaints. Still, after all that time of waiting I wanted to give it a shot myself, so I paid the $19.99 and gave it a go.

The first thing I want to make clear is, this is NOT a bad game. I heard that a lot before I bought the game and it just isn’t true. That being said, it isn’t a great game either. I remember seeing early screen shots of the game and being really excited. It looked fun, unique and colorful. But what I started playing reminded me of an old PlayStation 2 game and that is GREATLY disappointing. Take a look for yourselves:

Early Screenshot
Actual Graphics

So putting the graphics to the side, I started playing the game and it is actually fun. Getting through the boards (I’ve made it through 2, but played 3) is very challenging, in a FUN way. Shoot and dash to destroy your enemies, get through the boards tricky areas and feel relived that you made it all the way through on your 6th try. It did seem a little light on the bad guys, as you are running through the board but it wasn’t so bad. It really brought back good memories of playing games like “Super Mario” and “Joe & Mac”(man did I love Joe & Mac!).

Joe & Mac (SNES)

I finally got through the first level and on to the first boss after about 10-20 lives. Finally I am here and I am looking to finish this. After trying to beat Pryo and dying the first 5-10 times I thought to myself, “okay, so this is one of those hard games where you really have to know your enemy to get through, okay lets do this”. After about the 20th attempt at beating him and dying it started to get on my nerves because no matter how good I did, I always died. I took a break and came back the next day. Had fun getting through the board and got to Pyro once again. Died 10 more times, this time I got him halfway and guess what? Now he has a 1 touch kill move… that seems a bit much.

Mighty No.1 Pyrogen


I go and attempt another level, maybe its just Pyro who is to hard to beat. I get through that level and once again, NO CHANCE against the boss. It is now becoming LESS fun and more aggravating every time I play this game. I take a break and come back later. “This is it!” I say to myself, “I am finally going to beat Pryo!”. I speed through the board like a pro, didn’t lose ONE life on the way. My first crack at Pyro, I have him down to 1/4 of his life and I am still above 50%! I’m going to do it! One touch kill…. Next life, one touch kill. Next life, one touch kill. I’M DONE!

For all the reasons I like this game, you literally have a slim to none chance of beating these bosses and it is so frustrating! I watched videos on how people beat him and tried to emulate it, but it just doesn’t work (for me at least). I understand you want your game to be hard, but this is to much, it is on NORMAL and there is NO easy mode to be found.

While I said before “this is NOT a bad game”, it doesn’t escape the fact that it is disappointing. From the graphics to difficulty, and especially the cut scene animation and voice overs (those are really bad, literally like a PS2 game), it just isn’t what I was hoping for and I feel bad for ANYONE who backed this game via Kickstarter, man did they get screwed.

What did you guys think of the game? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @WaymanDesigns!


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