My Idea For A New Rank System

I LOVE Rocket League, don’t get me wrong and of ALL the things they have done RIGHT, I feel the Rank System falls short. When Season 2 introduced the current Rank System everyone was really happy because it was supposed to be all about YOUR performance and very little about W/L, but that is not the case at all.

There has been NUMEROUS times where I have been on the winning side of the ball with the least amount of points on either team and have been promoted at one point or another. Even more so there has been MORE times where I have killed it on the field with 700, 800 or even 1000 points and lost in multiple games and been demoted TWICE AS FAST!

For example, just yesterday, I was in a game where a random teammate left me after we went down 2-0! We still had 3 minutes left… Final score 4-3. I lost by 1 goal in a 2v1 after being down 2-0… AND THEN I GOT DEMOTED!!! Myself and my actual teammate won a game to the tune of 7-1 both going over 1000 points and our rank didn’t even budge! But that very next game we lost by 1 point and we got… you guessed it! DEMOTED!

The ranking system STILL is heavily influenced by WINS and LOSSES no matter your individual performance and that is disappointing. I know everyone complained about the original Rank System, but at least that system was straight forward! It seems like the penalty of losing in this system is 2 or 3 times heavier than the reward for winning and that is pretty annoying.

Like the old Rank System, you need to string many victories together to go up in Rank. My teammate and I were on FIRE last night winning, I’d say, 90% of our games and in 2 sessions I went from Prospect 2 to Challenger 2 (how I finished Challenger Elite / Rising Star in Season 2 and got seeded as a Prospect 2 to start Season 3 is beyond me).

I feel like they need a legit point system where points are varied upon the complete outcome of the game. For instance say for a victory you gain 5 points, for a loss you lose 5. For every 200 points you earned in the game you gain 1 point (so if you finished with 1000 points carrying your team in a loss you would gain 5 points voiding out that loss or if you won you would have 10 instead of 5), add those points up and that is your individual game score. Each rank would be between 2 sets of numbers, for example Challenger Elite starts at 1000 and you rank up after going over 2500 or something to that effect.

You would also get a multiplier by going on a streak! So after your second straight win (or loss), if you won (or lost) your 3rd game your 5 points for a W or L would be multiplied by 3, after the 4th straight W or L it would be multiplied by 4 and so on. Some days players are just on FIRE and some days they just aren’t, so having a reward or penalty for being good or bad consistently would add a fun element for it. You may say that this will cause fighting between random partners but if you don’t know random’s already do this over nothing than you don’t really play Rocket League.

This will truly give players the individual points for playing well (whether they win or lose) along with keeping the system, simple, fair, and understandable. Do you have any ideas for the Rank System? I would love to hear them! Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter @WaymanDesigns!



5 thoughts on “My Idea For A New Rank System

  1. Don’t like the multiplier suggestion. Just seems like a real incentive to not play without buddies and play with randoms. Also, does it reset or if you lose 2 one night and shut it off and the next day lose two to start, is that a four game losing streak or when you exit does that reset? If it does reset, people are going to quit out of the game before ever getting to a bad streak so it really only affects in a positive way.

    The main problem is points are like old NBA stats. Before advanced stats, any player scoring 20 would have been a valuable player no questions asked. These days we know some guys score 20 points un-efficiently while others are really efficient.

    Same thing happens in rocket league. You can have a guy score more points than you because all he does is head to the ball and never rotates back on defense. If he touches a ball already going in that didn’t needed to be helped right before the line, it still counts as 100, it doesn’t care who really deserved the points. You get no points if you find yourself in a situation where you can bump the goalie to give a teammate a better chance at a goal and so some people wouldn’t go for the bump and actually still try to hit the ball even when they don’t have the angle or circle out hoping to hit a rebound.

    Sadly I don’t have a good solution because I’m not sure how you can get the judgement in this game what was say a good 500 points compared to a selfish 500 points. Game won’t know. But its likely the 500 selfish point guy hurt his team in some way and that affected his teammates for scoring points.

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    1. In my scenario, it would not reset. The multiplayer would stop when you won or lost (depending on what multiplier you had). And you are absolutely right, the points don’t always accurately show how good a player was during that game. All the points you brought up were completely valid and made me regret writing this article lol. All I know is, what they have now doesn’t seem to be the best option. xD


  2. I have been playing ranked recently again and do agree it has some pitfalls! Is there a website or something that I can view and track my points & performance so I can see more accurately how the ranking system works?

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