NBA 2K16: My Experience

So I know NBA 2K16 has been out for a while now but I am not a HUGE basketball fan. I’m interested when the Finals come around and I’ll pay attention to what is going on, but that’s about it. I think I’ve owned maybe 3 basketball games in my life, the last one being NBA 2K14 and before that NBA Jam (the most recent one). I wasn’t a fan of 2K14, I thought it was overhyped and really dull so I didn’t go ahead with 2K15.

But when PSN was giving away 2K16 for FREE, how could I pass that up?! I downloaded the game and it took FOREVER! Not only did it take almost 2 days to Download and Install, but it needed another handful of hours to install the HUGE update before I could even get to the main menu. It wasn’t a good start at all, very frustrating and I almost said “forget it” and deleted it.


Thankfully I didn’t because NBA 2K16 is a very good game. It has been quite fun and I have spent a good chuck of time playing this game since it was ready to play. Now I have to say I haven’t played any mode besides “My League” and I don’t intend to so this “review” is mainly on the gameplay and that mode. I LOVE “My League”, it is EVERYTHING I want in a sports game mode. EA Sports could learn something here and add this mode to NHL and Madden.

Being able to customize EVERYTHING, from the rules to the teams to the players, I mean EVERYTHING. I literally have FULL control over my playing experience. I currently have 2 Leagues going on at the moment, 1 being an offline league with a customized roster and 1 online league with a friend and both are extremely fun. I have my Leagues at 14 games, 1 minute quarters, Playoff series start with a 1 game knockout, then best of 3, best of 5, and for the Finals a best of 7. It obviously isn’t the traditional way, but like I said, I am not a big basketball fan and this makes it FUN for me.


I like how it keeps track of not only the Team and League history, but players history too! I can go to any player in “My League” and see how many times they have won the MVP, NBA Finals and All-Star teams. In my offline League I have 1 Legend on each team and after about 7 season I was able to go to the Roster, click on Tracy Mcgrady and see that he won 3 NBA Finals and it told me the years (I already knew, but if I wanted to I could go to the League history and see which teams he won it with… the Rockets all 3 times).

Being able to use the sliders to help my friend and I play a little better and have more fun in the online league is just great! We both want a challenge but we both haven’t played a basket ball game in quite some time, so getting smashed by the computer every game is a waste of time, having the sliders even out the game for us is amazing.


On top of that, you can completely customize your team (3 teams to be exact, I was bummed when I found out there was a limit because I was on a mission to rebrand every team). From the logos to the stadium and court, to the uniforms, everything is customizable! Upload images on to the NBA 2K16 website and design to your hearts content! I moved OKC back to Seattle and made them the Sonics again. I also moved the Grizzlies back to Vancouver and gave them their old logos back. I am in control of EVERYTHING and I love it.

The gameplay itself is great! I haven’t found myself aggravated at technical problems or anything like that at all. Like I said before, if there are certain aspects of the game that I find a little overly hard like the layups (seemed like no one could make a layup to save their lives), you can just use the sliders and your problem is solved!

I am really glad PSN gave this away for FREE and that I was patient enough to wait out the download and installs. I look forward to playing many more seasons and maybe I might even pick up 2K17!



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