Injustice 2 Trailer & Gameplay: My Thoughts

I am going to be getting to the Trailer and some Gameplay of Injustice 2 that was showcased at E3, But as always, if you haven’t seen the trailer take a few moments to check it out here, before I get into it:

So first I would like to say that I am SUPER happy that Injustice is back and it wasn’t just a one off title. I liked the first one, as a matter of fact I still own it and was playing it only a few weeks back. When I first saw this trailer I was PUMPED! Seeing that armor added to each of the heroes as the trailer went on got me excited for what the game was going to be. Talking about evolving after every battle and so on. Of course I wasn’t 100% sure what it all meant but thankfully they cleared that up at E3.



So from all that I have seen and read, Injustice 2 will have a gear system where each piece of gear will bump a certain stat or skill and so on. They say in a week or so time, with thousands of combinations and options, your characters will look and play different from everyone else and that is pretty awesome. In the trailer you saw Batman take on a look similar to Batman Beyond and that is a HUGE selling point for the Beyond fans out there. This “Gear System” will make these Heroes feel like they are yours. You built them, you know them, and you will win with them.


On top of that they already have some NEW characters in the game from the start. SuperGirl for instance, Atrocitus the leader of the Red Lanterns, and Gorilla Grodd. You also have Superman, Batman, and Aquaman which are no surprise to anyone. Flash who is in the trailer is not one of the characters they showed off but you obviously know he is in the game. It looks like there will be 28 starting characters and you can probably bet the house that DLC characters will be released during the existence of the game. They said that they will release characters in a slow fashion as time goes on and as much as I want to know the full list, I guess that’s just the nature of the beast. I am expecting to see Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Joker and most of the usual suspects. I am hoping they add in a version of Zoom from the TV series because he looks bad ass and would only be better adding all of the gear items on top of him. I have been looking through a lot of Injustice 2 character wish lists and almost all of them want Darkseid which I think is a great idea. 2 other popular characters wanted are the Black Canary and the Blue Beetle. I am not a big fan of Canary but I can see why people want her in the game. The Blue Beetle I think would be a nice addition as well. I think Bizarro, Mr.Freeze, and Dr. Fate would be interesting too. Either way I am excited to see who makes it in the final cut.


As far as the actual gameplay goes, it looks almost exactly the same and that isn’t a bad thing. I enjoyed playing Injustice with its interactive environments and awesome Super Move specials. They showed off some special moves at the showcase and they all look really good. They made them all a bit shorter to help keep the flow of the game so that is a nice touch as well. All in all I think this is shaping up to be a big hit, but the bad news is we have to wait until 2017 to get our hands on it.

What do you guys think of Injustice 2 so far? Let me know in the comment section below or Tweet me @WaymanDesigns!



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