Spider-Man Trailer: My Thoughts

This is going to be a fairly quick piece but I had to talk about this awesome new game! But before I do, if you haven’t seen the trailer or even if you have, check it out here!

Like so many, I was super surprised to see that a NEW Spider-Man game was in the works and boy does it look… dare I say… AMAZING! Let me first just say, HOW AWESOME DOES THAT SUIT LOOK!!! So damn good, so damn good! Secondly, the trailer is perfect! It showcases everything we have wanted in a Spider-Man game for oh so long!

My favorite piece of this trailer is the part where he is running through what looks like a coffee shop and busts through the window (0:34 seconds in). I’m not 100% that was actual gameplay but it damn well looked like it and if that is any indication of how we get to move Spidey then lord this game is going to be the answer to all of our prayers!

We don’t see many in-game fight scenes butĀ from what I see it looks pretty close to a possible Batman Arkham series combat system (which is probably the best system ever made) which would be absolutely perfect. This was one of my favorite thing from E3 and I cant wait for them to release some more detailsĀ about it.

What did you guys think about the trailer? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @WaymanDesigns!



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