TMNT Mutants In Manhattan: My Experience

I have been a hardcore turtles fan since I the day I was born and throughout my life I waited for the day that a TMNT game would top that of Turtles in Time. Every game has been a flop, a forgettable addition to the TMNT world, but here came Mutants in Manhattan! The game looks awesome, the characters are there, the story was pretty damn cool, but… it wasn’t as great as I was hoping it would be.

Now don’t go and take those scores of 4’s and 5’s from other gaming sites at face value. I don’t like to give “scores” or “grades” to the games I play because 1 number or letter doesn’t tell the whole story. This game has some really HIGH points, and then some low ones. Like I said the art style was great, the characters were on point, the BOSS BATTLES were awesome and in my opinion the BEST part of this game, the fighting system was really cool and the story was fun as hell.


Where the game falls flat for me is in its levels and sometimes in its camera angles. Taking the Boss Battles out of the equation, the progression through the levels on each stage got to repetitive and a lot of times literally felt like a filler. It was like they said “okay, we have these awesome boss fights… but now we need something for the players to do until its time for the boss” and they have us doing pretty much the same thing over and over and over again in each level. At times I was so bored I just ran as quickly as I could to the next level just so I could get to the boss and that’s a shame because players should enjoy the journey and that wasn’t the case for me here.


Like I said earlier I really enjoyed the fighting mechanics but the camera always seemed to be a problem for me in close combat. It always seemed to get pushed to a point where I couldn’t even see the enemy I was attacking and would have to jump back a bit to fix the camera angle. At times where you have a handful of enemies attacking, it gets frustrating to always worry about fixing your camera.

Even more so the multiplayer aspect of this game is really bad in my opinion. First and foremost they don’t even have couch co-op which I didn’t even know until I picked it up from the store. How do you not have couch co-op in a Turtles game??? But they did have online co-op and with the in-game system of equipping different items to each turtle to power them up and give them different attributes it would seem that having 4 different players with 4 different styled turtles would be a fun aspect to the game. However, in my experience the online game play was so boring I didn’t even make it to the boss battle. It didn’t seem like I was playing with 4 other players, it felt like I was playing with the AI again but only this time I couldn’t toggle between the Turtles. Everyone was going in different directions, it was really just bad.


That being said I did have fun with this game and I plan on keeping it and replaying it at some point in time. I am disappointed because I feel like they were on the right track with this but just fell short in a couple areas. Did you guys play the game? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @WaymanDesigns .


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