Overwatch Rant!

Let me just jump right out and tell you this is NOT a rant about the game itself, I LOVE the game, it is awesome! Now let me get into what this rant is really about. So over the last few days, my friends and I have been playing a lot of Overwatch (naturally) and what I have noticed is that more and more players are starting to worry more about their own K/D then they are about the objective. For those of you who don’t know, Overwatch is a OBJECTIVE TEAM GAME. There is no room for K/D obsessed players because you will literally cause your team to lose.

In one match I can remember, a friend and I were the ONLY 2 players trying to push the payload, meanwhile we had a Widowmaker, Genji, Hanzo, and a Pharah posted WAY behind the payload just looking for kills. Even when my friend and I got it to within inches of the check point, NO ONE came to help before the time hit ZERO, rather they just chased for another kill or 2 before the game ended.

Even more so, there has been NUMEROUS times where our team has struggled getting the payload past a certain point or getting the advantage capturing an area and NO ONE will switch their character!! One of the MAIN points of Overwatch is to be able to switch your characters on the fly to counter what the other team is doing, but these K/D obsessed players will pick and STICK to OFFENSIVE HEAVY characters simply to try and get kills EVEN WHEN IT ISNT WORKING!

I literally just finished playing Overwatch a few moments ago and this is how it ended. We were trying capture a point and time ran out, it was in overtime and I took out 2 enemies as Mei, put up an ice wall to block the enemy team from contesting before I died. As I am waiting to respawn, I am watching my teams Soldier 76 shooting at our enemies literally 2 steps away from the objective from behind a pillar. The counter is winding down, we need someone to step on the objective to reset the timer and give us more time. He comes out from behind the pillar to go for the objective which is literally right in front of him. Oh wait, nope… he came out to shoot, and then he went back behind the pillar watching the time expire. You dumb, dumb son of a bitch… these types of players need to throw themselves on the objective to reset the timer and try to stay alive for even a few moments to give their teammates time to get back to the objective! BUT NOOOOOOO… Their K/D is way to valuable to throw themselves to the wolves…

Listen here you dumb bastards, if you want to rack up a great K/D go back to playing COD because your kind is not welcome here! This is a TEAM game, not a ME game and if you cant play as a team then don’t play the damn game. These moronic ass clowns single handedly cause their teams to lose and for what? A K/D that only YOU get to see?? Blizzard did a fantastic job by making the K/D basically non-existent in this game, and its great but there are still those who play the game completely wrong and I just don’t understand.

Having the BEST K/D in Overwatch is like saying you are the best Running Back in Hockey, it just doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t help your team. So do us all a BIG favor and go back to COD, where all the objective games are left useless because everyone just runs around for kills. Bring your shit somewhere else because here on Overwatch, its about the damn team!

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4 thoughts on “Overwatch Rant!

    1. I wasn’t a huge fan of COD and other FPS games but I did play them to play with friends but that was a big reason I quit playing FPS’s a while ago. Overwatch has brought me back in a great way. 8 times out of 10, everyone is playing the way they should, as a team. But unfortunately there have been a good amount of the players I mentioned finding their way into the game. So every so often it can become very frustrating.


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